He pushed the door shut absently and jumped slightly as it slammed, shaking the house. Then he pulled his wardrobe open looking into the full length mirror. His face was deadly white, the blue veins beneath showing through his skin. His lips were a whitish-blue colour and he was bleeding heavily from the few inches of bone that was all that was left of his right wing.

A line of blood also ran down from his hairline down the side of his face, but he had no idea why.


Sylver had been found unconscious near the edge of the battlefield and along with Daryll had been bought down to the medical room in the basement. Daryll wasn’t waking up but soon after he was bought in Sylver's eyes snapped open.

“Hello” Dawn said to him, the daemon was stitching a cut on his own cheek. Sylver watched him a sick feeling rising in his stomach.

“Do you have to do that there?” Sylver groaned, Dawn laughed.

“Yeah, I do” he said Sylver closed his eyes.


“What?” the daemon put the needle down and wiped the thin trickles of blood off his cheek.

“Is everyone okay?” Dawn nodded.

“Daryl's lost a lot of blood but he’ll be alright” Dawn mumbled.

“What about Gabriel?” Sylver asked, Dawn looked confused for a moment.

“Raoul sorted him out” Dawn said, he sounded sure, but a little unhappy about it. Sylver laughed painfully, he propped himself up on his elbows in the bed looking Dawn straight in the face.

“Really?” he said, “you really think Gabriel would have tolerated that?” Dawn laughed unsurelythen he moved knocking his chair over as he stood and ran from the room.



The End

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