Cries of pain rang out through the midway, howls of wolves and cries of daemons and vampyres. Gabriel dragged Hyperion across the bloody ground, the mud beneath him a slushy red-brown mess. He deposited Hyperion by the door of the house, a swift mumbled thanks to her and he went to find the others.  

Dawn was a few hundred yards away, helping to pile the dead wolves and lay out the injured. Dawn spotted Gabriel as he was wiping blood out of Daryll's eyes.

“Hey” Gabriel said his voice strained.

“Get inside” Dawn said, the large daemon was in pain too, Gabriel could hear it in his voice.

“I’m here to help” Gabriel said, Raoul came up to them.

“Raven” Dawn snapped,

“What the hell have I done wrong this time?”

“Get him inside, and get him cleaned up” Raoul took hold of Gabriel's arm, Gabriel glared at him and he let go again.

“Dawn, let me help” Gabriel said, the daemon turned to him, Gabriel saw he had small cuts and scratches al over him.

“Please, you’re injured go inside.”

“I’m fine” Gabriel said but he could fell his adrenaline rush starting to die down and his pain level was rising, he wobbled slightly.

“Inside now” Dawn growled

“Fine” Gabriel snapped, he turned and walked on his own into the house, Raoul following.


Inside Maxwell, Deacon, Malachi and Tairas were being cleaned up by Amelia. Gabriel sat in one of the armchairs and lit a cigarette. Raoul vanished into the kitchen, Gabriel looked at Maxwell.

“How are Daryll and Sylver?” Maxwell asked,

“No idea,” Gabriel hadn’t realized that Sylver was missing, the pain in his back was beginning to fog his mind.

Raoul came back into the room a steaming bowl of hot water and a cloth in his hand, he set them down on the coffee table in front of Gabriel.

“What are you doing?” Gabriel growled.

“What Dawn said, I’m cleaning you up” Gabriel looked at him for a few seconds a little sardonic smile on his pale face.

“Like hell you are” he snapped and standing up he headed to the stairs, walking up to his room.   


The End

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