Suddenly the smile on Wesley's face vanished, replaced by a look of shock, a thick line of blood ran from his hair, down the centre of his forehead and onto Gabriel face. The daemon tried to move taking his arm from Gabriel throat, but he collapsed Gabriel did scream as the giant was rolled off him.

Raoul stood holding Hyperion, her blade dripping with Wesley's blood. He pulled Gabriel up and pressed Hyperion back into his hand. Gabriel just glared at him, still struggling to catch his breath.  Raoul turned pale as Gabriel reached with his left hand, over his shoulder to his right wing and felt the damage, he sighed and gritting his teeth he pulled the torn appendage. Wincing as the little bit of skin broke the wing came away from his back.

“You’re crazy” Raoul said as Gabriel folded is good wing over his back, he flashed a grin at Raoul and launched himself back into the battle.

The End

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