Thoughts of DeathMature


In the distance Raoul was walking again he looked up and found the cliff that lined the edge of the midway. He sighed and looked up he had no idea what to do now, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to anything. The wolves had gone, they had been his last resort of being wanted somewhere. Dawn had been right Gabriel wouldn’t want him after he’d broken his promise. He began to climb leaving his pack behind on the ground.

It took him around twenty minutes to reach the top he looked down seeing his bag below. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath, and then opened them again. The question he’d been asking himself for ages came to his head, would this even work? He had no idea if he even could die. Looking up in the darkness he finally saw the two massive armies in the distance.

“God” he said, then he made his mind up, if Gabriel wanted him dead then he would not be the one to take his own life. He spread his wings and took off.


Hyperion was deadly taking out swathes of the dead in one swing, Gabriel was almost enjoying himself. Everything in this place had been different to what he knew, but this? This he knew.

Through the crowds around him he spotted Wesley. He almost couldn’t believe that the coward had turned up. He cut his way through to the daemon, black and purple smoky tendrils of magick curled around Wesley giving him an almost surreal look.


Gabriel gripped Hyperion and lunged forward, the tendrils swarmed and Hyperion hit them, Gabriel's arm muscles protested as the tendrils wrapped around Hyperion and snaked up her handle towards his hands. Gabriel reluctantly let go as one of the tendrils brushed his hand. She fell to the ground and Gabriel launched himself at Wesley whilst they were occupied. Gabriel hit Wesley square in the chest knocking him backwards.

The tendrils vanished as Wesley's concentration broke Gabriel shoved him again, not daring to stop and retrieve Hyperion as Wesley's massive fists swung for him. Gabriel ducked and lashed out with his claws, Wesley smiled and reached his hand out, Gabriel frowned a low whistling behind him made him want to turn around. Instead he ducked misjudging it and Hyperion's handle swept his feet out from beneath him. She flew off past Wesley as the daemon jumped landing on the small vampyre.

Wesley's forearm pressed down into Gabriel's throat as his enormous weight made it impossible for the vampyre to move. Gabriel choked, unable to cry out as the weight snapped the still delicate break in his wing. He felt bone pierce the skin and felt the strain on his other wing as his vision began to tunnel. 

The End

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