In the distance they could see a massive crowd moving towards them, any forest or wildlife in the way was being torn through.

“They know what they're doing” Dawn said in Gabriel's ear.

The first two rows of daemons were stringing bows and fitting arrows to them. Gabriel smiled slightly he now knew why Dawn had set the daemons up in such a strange fashion.


The dead wolves were drawing closer. The two hundred daemons, their bows aimed, waited. Someone let an indistinct shout out and the first row fired, Gabriel saw the dead wolves falling in the distance. The first row of daemons dropped down to reload and the second row fired over their heads.

“Where are our wolves?” Gabriel asked Dawn. The daemon grinned and pointed toward the darkening skyline, Gabriel could just make out a dark shadow behind the dead wolves.

“It was Raziel's idea” Dawn said. The dead wolves only advantage now was their sheer numbers.


The bowmen were out of arrows and they dropped the useless bows, drawing out swords and axes, again they waited.

Around one quarter of the dead wolves numbers were gone, their spines severed in the hail of arrows. Over a thousand still moved forward, in Gabriel's opinion, rotting muscle and tendons moved surprisingly fast.


Gabriel shifted Hyperion so she sat in both hands, he watched as Maxwell drew a two-handed broadsword out, resting its point on the ground. Sylver was wearing a set of arm blades. The razor sharp metal sat on a brace on each arm, starting at his elbows and finishing in a small curl around his knuckles a hand hold protected his fingers. Daryll held two short blades around the length of his forearm. Tairas carried two sleek samurai swords his preference for hand fighting wasn’t practical and he knew it.


Dawn on the other hand, seemed not to have any weapon.

“I’m up” he said and giving Gabriel his gentle smile he moved forward passed the bow users to the front along with around seventy other daemons.

The dead wolves were around fifty yards away now. Gabriel had to shield his eyes as massive gouts of flame came from the front line. It caught the closest wolves who caught the ones behind them as they fell. Dead flesh burnt and the smell made Gabriel grimace, then the front line was hit by the dead wolves and Raziel's group hit the dead from behind.


A break in the line and Gabriel was through, his brothers going their own way.

The End

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