The War BeginsMature

Dawn watched Gabriel sit up the vampyres face contorted in disgust. Gabriel looked at Dawn.

“Is it them?” Gabriel nodded. Dawn pulled a thin piece of wood from inside his jacket, it was around half a foot long. The daemon wrapped his hand around one end of it and the wood beneath his palm burst into flames he stood and raised the torch.

In the distance, near the daemon town, another lit in response then another further away. Soon there were hundreds of them moving around in the distance, as the daemons moved swiftly out of the town.  


Dawn grabbed Gabriel’s arm after passing the torch to Deacon and they reappeared in Gabriel's bedroom, Dawn pulled Hyperion from the wall bracket and passed her to Gabriel who was getting his breath back after the teleport. Dawn gripped him again,

“Ready?” the daemon asked. Gabriel nodded and they vanished.


They landed outside a few hundred yards from the daemon town. Gabriel saw the daemons lining up in three long rows, their variety of weaponry was impressive.

He turned to Dawn but the daemon had vanished without Gabriel even realizing.

“Hey” a voice said, Deacon stood beside him, Gabriel noted two hand axes strapped to his belt.

“Hi” Gabriel frowned.

“Impressed?” Deacon asked,

“Not really” Gabriel said, Deacon's face dropped slightly. “How do we even know where they're coming from?”

“We have scouts reporting back to us, that’s what you smelt was their scouts”

“Well we were damn lucky it wasn’t the full army” Gabriel grumbled.

“Very” a hand laid itself on his shoulder and Gabriel looked up into Dawn's eyes. “Can I have a quick word?”  Gabriel nodded, the disorganisation and chaos of Dawn's method and troops was making him a little uneasy. Gabriel's brothers were coming up to them and Gabriel heard Sylver snigger as he walked away with Dawn.   

“is there a problem?” Dawn asked he actually sounded slightly irritated.

“its nothing much,” Gabriel said Dawn raised his eyebrows. “I wouldn’t have done it this way is all”

“That’s it?” Gabriel nodded, Dawn's face lit up again, “then next time you can organize it”

“Hopefully there won’t be a next time” Gabriel said the adrenaline was beginning to pump through him and he was itching to begin.

“You’re all set?” Dawn asked and again Gabriel nodded. Dawn gripped his hand “be careful” he said quietly  


The three rows were shifting to the south the messages coming in to them from the scouts. Gabriel moved forward wanting to join one of the rows but Dawn's hand sqeezed his shoulder.

“not yet” he said, Gabriel glared at him and pulled his shoulder out of Dawn's grip.






The End

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