Guard DutyMature

An hour later saw Dawn, Gabriel, Deacon andSydneysat a few hundred yards from the daemon city, the pub was shut for the first time since it was built.


Dawn was strangely quiet Deacon andSydneydidn’t speak too much either apart from little arguments here and there.

“It’s damn cold” Deacon complained.

“You’re only cold because you’re so skinny”Sydney boomed

“Well I can’t really do much about that can I?” Deacon grumbled, he huddled deeper into his coat. Gabriel smiled it was a little cold, he thought about wrapping feathered wings around himself. He shuddered as the thought of his nightmare came back to him. “See?” Deacon said smugly “even Gabriel's shivering.” Dawn looked up at him and discreetly he put a hand on Gabriel's claws.

“You okay?” he said very quietly so the others couldn’t hear. Gabriel nodded, then he pulled a cigarette out and lit it.

“That’s a damn fine idea” Deacon said grinning. he began to search his pockets. Gabriel offered his packet but the daemon was intent on his mission to find his own. Gabriel got bored holding the packet and threw them into Deacon's lap. The daemon made a small squeak sound and looked up at Gabriel, he smiled widely and taking one he threw the packet back.


“For gods sake, this is boring” Deacon grumbled Gabriel was laying back in the grass, his hands behind his head. Dawn was a few feet away and unbeknownst to the vampyre was studying Gabriel’s thin form at great length. Suddenly Gabriel sat up,

“bloody hell,” Deacon swore “I think Gabriel's got whiplash” he cried. Gabriel ignored him, he could smell something, something familiar. Something dead.


The End

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