Stress Is Catching UpMature

“Dawn you can let go of me now” Gabriel said realizing how close the daemon was to him. Reluctantly Dawn released him, standing back up. Gabriel pushed the covers off himself and walked to the bathroom.

“Gabriel” Dawn said right beside him, the vampyre visibly jumped.


“Are you okay?” Gabriel was still shivering slightly.

“I’m alright” he said “I do need a shower though” Dawn nodded and Gabriel shut the bathroom door.


Gabriel stripped his damp clothes off and climbed into the shower stall. The hot water was a nice contrast to the cold tiles that he laid his forehead on closing his eyes.


A few moments later he stepped out he hadn’t even bothered to untie his hair. He wrapped a towel around himself and walked back into the bedroom.


Dawn had made the bed, clean sheets and pillowcases made the bed look unslept in. he now sat on the little wooden chair beside the bed, his elbows resting on his knees a cigarette was burning in his hand. Dawn tried to smile at Gabriel and Gabriel also failed to smile back at him.

“There’s clean clothes behind the screen” Dawn said Gabriel nodded his thanks and walked behind said screen. Dawn had put out Gabriel's night clothes.

“Dawn could you pass me a shirt and trousers, please?” Gabriel called

“Aren’t you going back to bed?” Dawn asked, standing up and heading to the wardrobe.

“No” Gabriel said drying himself off.

“Okay, what shirt did you want?”

“Any” Gabriel replied, Dawn passed the clothes over the top of the screen and sat back down on the chair. Gabriel pulled on the black jeans and did them up.

Dawn waited for nearly ten minutes before he moved.

“Gabriel?” he said quietly, there was no reply. “Gabriel?” he said again a little louder. The large daemon looked around the edge of the screen. Gabriel was sat on the floor, his knees up beneath his chin and his face in his hands.

“hey” Dawn said he knelt down next to the vampyre and put an arm around his shoulders “come on” he said, he gripped Gabriel's arm and pulled him to his feet.

Gabriel dropped his hands his shirt flapped slightly, Dawn noticed that the bottom buttons hadn't been done up.

“I’m sorry” he said

“For what?” Dawn said he lit two cigarettes and passed one to Gabriel. The vampyre half smiled and Dawn smiled back at him.

“Better?” Dawn asked

“a bit” Gabriel nodded

“Good, now are you going to tell me what's happening inside that head of yours?” Dawn's voice was gentle, but Gabriel frowned.

“I had a nightmare Dawn, that’s all” he snapped.

“Don’t get all defensive now,” Dawn smiled “I was only asking” Gabriel sniffed and walked out from behind the screen. He sat down on the bed as Dawn followed his path back into the room. The daemon watched Gabriel swing his legs onto the bed and lean his back against the headboard, Dawn sat back in the wooden chair.

“I’m on guard duty in around an hour.” He said

“So?” Gabriel crushed the butt of his cigarette in the ashtray.

“If you don’t want sleep you could come with me” Gabriel looked at him, by rolling his head on the wood behind it. Gabriel studied Dawn for a moment, the daemon looked tired and stressed.

“Yeah, outside sounds good” he smiled, Dawn smiled back pleased that Gabriel was sounding and acting normally again. But again he wondered what was in Gabriel's dreams that could possibly scare the vampyre that badly.


The End

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