Dreams and NightmaresMature

Dawn looked through the glass window in the door of the training room. He sighed to himself, and then pushed the door open.

“What?” Gabriel said,

“You’re going to wear yourself out before the fights even begun” Dawn said,

“I’m fine” Gabriel growled,

“Your definitely getting better with her” Dawn commented sitting down at the edge of the large hall. Gabriel didn’t reply, “Where did you learn to use it?” Dawn called as the vampyre moved away from him. Gabriel still didn’t answer Dawn frowned and vanished in his little red flash. Gabriel almost fell backwards as Dawn appeared right in front of him. Hyperion's blade flashed inches from Dawn's neck before the vampyre stopped her moving.

“Dawn” he shouted outrage in his voice. Dawn smiled as Gabriel skipped backwards away from him.

“what?” the daemon said

“I was wrong, you’re not a moron you’re crazy” Gabriel said,

“I’m not crazy Gabriel” Dawn said serenely

“yes, Dawn you are” Gabriel said slowly, “you a hamper short of a picnic” Gabriel slung Hyperion over his shoulder and left the hall shaking his head.

Dawn smiled, as he heard Gabriel stomping upstairs. And smiled again half an hour later when he looked in and saw Gabriel asleep on top of his covers, he walked over and lifted Hyperion from the bed, he looked at her handle hidden among the gold and silver decoration was a capital L he sighed and hung her on the bracket.  


Gabriel grumbled in his sleep as Dawn gently pulled the duvet from beneath him and covered him up. Then he sat down in the chair next to the bed folding his arms he closed his eyes.


Gabriel was walking down a long corridor, he sighed as he pushed the huge doors open. Walking in he saw not Aura's main hall but his bedroom in the palace, he smiled and flopped down on the bed he felt feathers hit his back and grinned even more. His wings were back to normal. He shut his eyes and relaxed, for the first time in what seemed like an age.

He jumped as the door swung open again, his mother walked in and she sat next to him on the bed. He saw her mouth move but for some reason no sound emerged. He frowned as she stroked his hair still talking silently. Suddenly Aura's hand tightened and her nails dug into his scalp, he moved his head towards her hand to try and loosen the iron grip. He saw her laugh, as she pulled him off the bed she was walking and pulling him along behind her.

She dragged him into the main hall and out of another door, down into the dungeons. Gabriel heard screaming around him, and he could feel blood dripping down his face where her nails were digging into his head. She pushed him towards a cell door, he looked though the tiny barred window to see bodies stacked up on the stone floor, Sylver's hair so similar to his own stood out like a sore thumb. He could hear someone calling is name, his mother released him and he was all alone.


“Gabriel” Dawn's voice cut into his dream, the vampyre jerked awake and sat up quickly, his head nearly collided with Dawn's, he was shaking and drenched in sweat he rubbed his head in panic as he felt something dripping down his face it was only sweat not blood. He sighed still shivering, Dawn's arms were wrapped around him.

“Hey, you were shouting” Dawn said gently “are you okay?” Gabriel nodded slowly. “Liar” Dawn laughed a little nervously. He shivered against the vampyre, Gabriel had actually just scared him.    




The End

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