Unwanted OfferMature

Dawn retrieved the brush from behind the bed and passed it back to Gabriel.

“Dawn” Gabriel said he swiftly tied his hair back then tied it with the leather strip, the daemon had put the bottle on the side and had lit a cigarette, and Gabriel did the same. “Did Raziel tell you about Necro?” Dawn smiled

“Ah back to business” he grinned, “yes he did, and he also said that you freaked out once you saw him”

“Its Wesley, Dawn” Gabriel sighed, “he's fiddling with dangerous things”

“You mean you saw him with his hands down his pants” Dawn said he was smiling. Gabriel snorted trying not to laugh.

“I’m serious” Gabriel growled still smiling.

“So am I” Dawn laughed

“Really Dawn what do we do about him?” Dawn sighed

“Well, I don know what branch he's practising, one we kill him and his creations die, two he’s in big trouble”   


Because sweetie, when I get hold of him I’m going to make the bastard squeal” Gabriel just stared at him.

“Dawn did you just call me sweetie?” Dawn looked at him

“I don’t think so” he said “I can if you want me too” Gabriel looked a little disgusted

“No thanks” he growled,

“First things first, sweetie” Dawn grinned, “back to my question earlier, have you fed and do you need to?”

“I’ll be alright Dawn” Gabriel said

“Gabriel, you haven’t got time to go to earth”

“I know”

“It’s been a week since your little encounter with Deacon” Gabriel opened his mouth to speak then shut it again once he realized what Dawn had said. The large daemon wandered over to him.

“You’re not going to hug me again are you?" Gabriel said he twisted slightly in his seat, Dawn laughed and shook his head. Instead he walked behind Gabriel and put his wrist in front of the vampyres face.  “Dawn what do you think you’re doing?” Gabriel shouted “that was unbelievably stupid even for you” he’d twisted out of the chair and was now standing in front of Dawn one foot in front of the other ready to move again if Dawn tried anything.

“Why was it?” Dawn's voice was calm,

“What would you have done if I’d have bitten you?”

“That’s why I did it” Dawn said.

“Dawn you’re a moron” Gabriel snapped then pulling Hyperion from her bracket on the wall he left Dawn alone heading to the training room.


The End

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