Stitches and EvasionsMature

“Fucking bastard” Gabriel snapped as the needle passed through his skin, the medicinal alcohol making it hurt more. Dawn was holding his chin again so he couldn’t move. The daemon smiled as Gabriel glared at him.

“Stop frowning or it’ll end up being sewn on” Gabriel tried to relax his face. he sucked air through his teeth as the needle passed through again.


Six stitches and a lot of swearing later Gabriel was twisted around and Dawn was examining his wing.

“nothing to worry about there” he said, smiling he let Gabriel's wing go.

“Good” Gabriel said grumpily.

“Now you can get some sleep” Dawn said packing the needle and the cloth onto the small tray.

“I don’t want sleep.” Gabriel said

“Aren’t you tired?”

“Not any more” it was true, Gabriel's body was exhausted but his mind was racing.

“Do you need to feed?” Dawn asked to quickly, he still wasn’t looking at Gabriel.

“Dawn” Gabriel said his voice was harsh, he was getting annoyed with Dawn's strange behaviour.


“Look at me”

“Not until you’ve done your hair up” Dawn said so quietly Gabriel barely heard him.

“What?” Gabriel shouted, he was very confused now.

“You heard” Dawn growled defensively.

“Dawn what the flying fuck is going on?” Gabriel snapped, Dawn didn’t answer for a moment.

“I’ll tell you everything when all of this with the wolves is over”

“Gabriel stood and bean to walk to the desk where his hairbrush sat. Dawn leant forward swiftly and grabbed one of Gabriel's hands. Gabriel yelped as he stumbled backwards into Dawn’s arms.

“What are you doing?” Gabriel said surprise made his voice higher than normal

“Shut up, just for a moment” Dawn said he rested his chin on the top of Gabriel's head. “Don’t ever disappear like that again” Dawn said sadness tinted his voice. Gabriel pushed his hands against Dawn's chest, the daemon still held him around the waist.

“Dawn, you want to let go of me”

“Do I?” Dawn grinned at him the old cockiness back in his voice.

“Unless you want another split lip” Gabriel's ad calmly there was no hint of a threat in his voice. Dawn smiled gently at him and released him. Gabriel thoroughly confused now went to get his hairbrush. He sat at the desk and tugged at his hair pulling the knots out.

“Gabriel” Dawn was sitting back on the bed. He had the bottle of alcohol in his hands and was screwing the cap back on.

“Hm?” Gabriel replied

“You should leave your hair down more often” Gabriel frowned at the odd statement.


“It makes you look less serious” Gabriel stopped what he was doing to look disbelievingly at Dawn. “It makes you look…” the daemon searched for the right word. “Softer” Dawn ducked laughing to avoid the brush that was aimed for his head. “Or not” he grinned


The End

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