Medical AnnoyanceMature

Dawn looked around a few hours later and saw Gabriel sitting nearby a cigarette in his hand, his head kept drooping and Dawn smiled.

“Hey” he said waking over to Gabriel, the vampyre looked up and smiled tiredly. “Go inside Gabriel. The daemons are helping the wolves and there’s nothing else for you to do.”

“But…” Gabriel said.

“No buts, get yourself cleaned up you smell of wet dog. I’ll be in soon to look at your head.” Gabriel growled quietly to himself but was too tired to really argue and so did as he was told.


Inside his bedroom, Gabriel stripped his cloths off and stepped into the red hot water. he leaned against the cold tiles and sighed happily. The cut on his forehead stung as the soap from his hair dripped into it but he didn’t much care as a weeks worth of dirt and mud washed down the drain.


Dawn walked upstairs a small bundle in his hand. He knocked on Gabriel's door but there was no answer he listened and heard water running. He opened the door and walked in closing it again behind him.


Gabriel stepped out of the shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and shaking water out of his face opened the bathroom door. He saw a clean black shirt and black jeans lying on the bed and Dawn stood at his bedside table his back to the vampyre.

“get dressed” Dawn said, without turning around, Gabriel frowned.

“What are you doing?” he asked,

“Just get dressed” Dawn repeated. Gabriel did a childish impression of Dawn, and then pulled on his shirt. He took the trousers behind the dressing screen in the corner still grumbling as he went.

“You are in a good mood, aren’t you?” Dawn said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“I’m tired” Gabriel's voice came from behind the screen.

“I’m not surprised” Dawn said back “Raziel explained to me what's been happening” Gabriel made a ‘humph’ sound from behind the screen before coming out doing up the last button at the bottom of his shirt. “Sit” Dawn said

“Dawn just because I’ve spent a few days with the wolves doesn’t make me a dog” he grumbled

“A week actually, please sit” Dawn said, Gabriel perched on the edge of the bed. Dawn saw the vampyre wince as he twisted his wing around.

“I’ll look at that one in a minute”

“I’m sure you will” Gabriel said, looking at the bedside table he could see a tall thin glass bottle, it was full of clear liquid. A cloth lay beside it. Gabriel reached out to move the cloth. Dawn gripped his wrist gently but firmly.

“Not yet” he said Gabriel looked up at him, Dawn's took Gabriel's chin in his hand carefully tilting the vampyres head up towards the light. Dawn examined the cut cautiously. He pushed gently at the sides of the two inch long gash and Gabriel felt the blood drip down his face.

“Thought so” Dawn sighed.

“What?” Gabriel asked,

“You’re not going to like me” Dawn said lifting the cloth off the cabinet beside the bed, he wiped Gabriel forehead.

“Dawn you’re not coming anywhere near me with that” a threaded needle sat on a small metal tray. The daemon smiled

'this is going to be fun' dawn thought disdainfully.









The End

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