Little ReunionMature

Gabriel stepped outside the fresh air on his face felt wonderful, he closed his eyes for a moment before turning to watch the wolves being ushered out by Raziel. They had left a different way to the cliff top entrance. Gabriel got a smile from Bridget as she passed him, he smiled back a little perplexed.

Gabriel looked around getting his bearings on where they were and began to walk the midway was dark for a change and Raziel had said it was probably a good thing apparently helping to keep the younger wolves calm.


Gabriel looked ahead he could see torches moving in the trees, he frowned they were closer than the house was they shouldn’t have been there.

“Raziel,” he whispered, “keep the wolves here for a moment” the wolf’s fur on the back of his neck was bristled up. Gabriel smiled at him then moved forward. The large black mass ahead of his stopped moving too. The torches left trails on Gabriel's vision.

“What do you want?” Gabriel heard a familiar voice shout, he shook his head.

“How about a drink Dawn” he replied loudly.


The familiar voice echoed back to Dawn and he felt the grin spread involuntarily across his face. He broke into a run leaving the group of daemons behind.


Gabriel walked forward he could see Dawn coming towards him. The daemon actually lifted him a few inches off the floor his arms wrapped around the small vampyre. Gabriel waited a few seconds before pushing Dawn off of him. The daemon backed of easily realizing that they weren’t alone. Then he clipped Gabriel around the side of the head.

“What trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?” he said happily, seeing the wolves coming forward slowly.


The End

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