War is ComingMature

Dawn had called all of the daemons together explaining what had happened. The daemons all had a choice to stay and look after the town or to go and look for Gabriel or Allegra, and to keep an eye out for Wesley as they went.

They all went their separate ways trying to cover the entire midway, Raoul went alone he had a bag with him.

“Good riddance” Dawn growled to himself as he saw him go.



Gabriel backed away quickly the Wesley seemed blind in the dark, he rounded the corner turned and ran jumping down the hole the wolves jumped and a few growls were directed at him.

“We have to go, you have to get your people out of here” Gabriel said as he ran long the tunnel the others followed quickly Raziel barking directions to him.

“We’re safe until the next raid” Raziel stated,

“Not any more, the daemon behind it was in that tunnel, he knows that someone’s found him, and that probably means another raid today” Gabriel was breathing hard as they rounded the last bend and came out into the city of Bain.

“Alright I’ll talk to them” Raziel ran off, Gabriel heard the warning bell ring and the wolves began to pour out of the houses. Raziel motioned for them all to come closer to him.


Dawn, Sylver and Deacon, were walking together through the trees. Sylver looked around he could see the daemons nearby searching in their little groups.

“What is that?” Deacon asked,


“That” he pointed out between the trees, what looked like a black cloud was moving across the midway.

“Shit” Dawn swore, “Deacon get the daemons back quickly” Deacon shut his eyes. Sylver watched him confused then he saw all the daemons nearby moving towards them crowding into the tiny copse of trees.


The End

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