The tunnel was lit slightly by Gabriel's magick, Raziel and he went first. The others following slowly, Gabriel could smell death in the tunnels, the wolves keen sense of smell was better then his and Raziel was moving on all fours with his nose to the ground, Gabriel was concentrating on breathing. He was trying to stop the thoughts in his mind, if he lost the others he would never be able to find his way back. He shuddered, and Raziel looked up at him.

“Are you well Gabriel?” the vampyre nodded, his throat felt tight and his head had started to swim slightly “stop” Raziel whispered but the others heard and stopped a few yards down the tunnel from them.

“We need to keep going” Gabriel said, Raziel shook his head.

“I can’t smell anything but the fear rolling off of you” he said quietly, Gabriel flushed

“I don’t like enclosed spaces.” He admitted.

“Okay, I don’t like dead wolves.” Raziel said “but we both have to deal with our fears otherwise none of us will leave here alive” Gabriel nodded and sniffed, something in his brain told him to do it again, he did slowly he could still smell death but below that almost undetectable was the tangy metallic smell of magick. He straightened and explained to Raziel what it smelt like, the wolf nodded and Gabriel followed him the others following him.


They rounded a bend and Raziel stopped,

“Do you remember that Keira told you that Necro’s scent vanished in the tunnels?” he said slowly and very quietly to Gabriel, the vampyre nodded, “it was around here, and the scent you described is the strongest here” Gabriel looked around his magick flared to see properly it took Caleb to tap him on the shoulder and point upwards. A gaping dark hole was above them Gabriel he put out his light, feeling upwards for the edge of the hole he hooked his hands over the lip of rock and hauled himself up, he relit his palm again making shadows stretch weirdly around him.

“Gabriel” Raziel's voice came from below him, Gabriel looked at him

“Stay there” he whispered, he was shaking badly, but the wolves were too small for him to reach. “I’ll be back in two minutes” he moved away from them and into a dark small space.


He turned a corner and nearly made a noise of alarm. a huge figure had his back to Gabriel. A deep purple light rose around him like smoke Gabriel extinguished his light and watched. He could taste the power in front of him. at once he remembered where he knew that name from.



The art of death magick

Gabriel backed away, his claws gripping the solid rock below his feet. He didn’t want to stick around when some idiot was playing with necromancy. He kicked a loose rock on the ground and the figure straightened then turned looking straight at him. the daemon could not see Gabriel in the dark, but Gabriel saw his profile as he had turned the magick lighting the space behind the huge figure.

Twice Gabriel had changed that profile by beating it into the floor. It was Wesley Gabriel was certain, and the daemon began to walk towards him.  


The End

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