Children and ScoutsMature

Dawn sat back in his armchair, his head back and his eyes shut. Sylver Maxwell, Daryll, Tairas and Amelia, were all in the lounge with him.

“So what do we do now?” Amelia said, “It’s been a week” Dawn's eyes didn’t open,

“Have you checked paradise?” he said

“Yes sire, he’s not been seen,” she sighed. Sylver looked surprised.

“How come you’re allowed in paradise?” he asked Amelia looked at him.

“How come I’m allowed in the Underworld” she said cryptically. Dawn sat forward his eyes finally open,

“Amelia is a double, she can shape shift therefore appearing as an angel is no problem for her” he said it fast as if he didn’t really care.

“I keep tabs on what's going on” Amelia said “that’s how I knew about the sacrificial angels that day” she smiled.

“You are a double agent” Tairas said his deep voice shocking out of his small frame, Dawn looked at him. Amelia laughed,

“Basically, yes” she smiled at him.

“So back to the point what do we do?” Dawn said, lighting a cigarette.

“We look for him,” Maxwell said his voice a monotone. “And kick his head in” he mumbled afterwards.

“Maxwell” Dawn snapped “you should know I have exceptionally good hearing”

“So, what?” Maxwell said “you don’t scare me Dawn” Dawn watched him intently for a moment and Maxwell stared back. Dawn moved quickly, Maxwell’s collar ended up in his hands the vampyre dangling a foot from the floor. Dawn smiled smugly, as Maxwell looked at him speechlessly.

“Will you two behave or I’ll put you both in the naughty corner” Amelia said Sylver sniggered and even Tairas managed a small smile. Dawn put Maxwell down dropping him the last few inches so the vampyre stumbled slightly.

“Asshole” Maxwell whispered to Dawn's back, the daemon froze, and then turned slowly.

“Leech” Dawn snarled and sat back in his chair.



Gabriel stood looking at the small crowd around him, four wolves and Bridget the daemon. This was the scout party. Gabriel sighed then nodded to himself.

“Gabriel this is Caleb, he's only just been named” a small wolf licked Gabriel's face enthusiastically, “and Esther” a female wolf stood a little way away from them. “And Dathan.” this wolf was old his fur greying and coarse. He walked to Gabriel and the vampyre waited for the wet tongue, slightly shocked when the wolf put his large paw out Gabriel shook it and smiled.

“Okay, now or never” he said “lets go”   


The End

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