Wolves and DaemonsMature

Gabriel waited in Raziel's little house, the wolf was checking his pack making sure they were all okay. Gabriel was burning to ask about the daemon, Bridget. He sat fiddling with the bandage around the top of his wing, it had started to unravel and he slowly pulled it off, grimacing slightly as the bones moved.

“How is it?” a voice said form the doorway, Keira looked into the room.

“Its better” Gabriel smiled, he heard his wing audibly creak as he moved it carefully, the she-wolf smiled and came over to him. She gripped his wing carefully and manoeuvred it checking the thin bones inside. Gabriel clenched his teeth, the ache of a healing bone wasn’t pleasant.

“You’ll live” she said, “but I wouldn’t use it for a little while, the pressure of flying could break it again” Gabriel nodded

“How can I fly down here?” he asked

“You’ll be going soon, wont you?” her voice was pleasant, but seemed sad.

“I’m not leaving until I’ve worked out what's going on” he said, he felt her brighten.

“And until you’ve worked Bridget out” she grinned, Gabriel looked at her strangely,

“How…” he started

“Its natural that you would be curious” she shrugged “the prospect of daemons living down here, is probably a little strange to you” she sat down, and Gabriel twisted in his chair to be able to watch her.

“So why is she down here?” Gabriel pushed. He pulled his cigarettes out and sighed he had two left. Keira watched him carefully.

“Why do you do that to yourself?” she asked, Gabriel smiled.

“It makes me calmer” he replied lighting the cigarette. Keira stood and pushed the shutter on the glassless window open, Gabriel stood up.

“I’ll go outside” he said, she waved her hand

“I don’t mind, it just smells funny is all” she said “now to your burning question, the daemons. Bridget was our first obviously we had no idea what to make of her, this amazing creature that smelt of fire, she had the freedom of flight and had seen worlds.” Keira sighed, “Naturally most of the wolves were scared of her, but she helped with the invasions and helped clean us up afterwards, we got to like her. She became part of our pack and we were part of hers. She claims not to want to leave us, but I think she yearns for company of her own kind.” Gabriel stared at her

“You said she was the first” he repeated her words, “There’s more?”

“There was” Keira's face was sad, “we had two more” she sighed. “The first left, he was lovely. And the second vanished one day, we tried to find him but his scent just disappeared in one of the tunnels.”

“What were their names? I might know them” Gabriel said.

“The first called himself Raoul. He left a few weeks ago, he said he had to find someone” Gabriel sat back in his chair and sighed Raoul was safe. He didn’t know if this news satiated him or infuriated him. Keira smiled at him, and then continued. “The second I didn’t personally like, he called himself Necro, which is a very odd name to be honest.” She frowned.

Gabriel had felt his mind try and remember where he’d heard the name before. But his blood supply was running low, his mind wasn’t functioning too well.

“Necro” he repeated to himself,

“a liar and a cheat” a voice said form the doorway, “the daemons are better of without him.” Raziel walked in, he looked drained, he flopped down in a chair and closed his eyes.

“why do you say that?” Gabriel asked, the wolf looked at him

“he snuck around here he never helped out with the invasions, instead hiding in one of the houses,” Gabriel nodded, he could see Raziel's point.

“did you tell him what you thought of him?” Raziel nodded

“yes, and I made sure my children were allowed nowhere near him. He was a dangerous creature with death in his eyes and blood on his hands”

The End

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