Children's ArgumentsMature

Dawn answered the door, and growled audibly.

“What now?” he asked Raoul

“Gabriel” Raoul said.

“What about him?”

“I want to see him, now” Raoul pushed into the house and Dawn's features shifted slightly the demon in his was annoyed he pulled his temper in and his body calmed to normal. Raoul noticed none of this having his back to Dawn. Dawn raised his fist wanting to hit the vampyre,

“I wouldn’t Dawn” a voice said Sylver and Tairas were at the door to the lounge. Dawn was just shocked to the fact that it wasn’t Sylver who had spoken. Tairas looked at him his brilliant green eyes unnerving the daemon slightly.

“Why not?” Dawn growled Raoul turned slowly to look at him,

“You can kill me later, but I want to speak to Gabriel” Sylver put his hand up to stop Dawn talking as he walked over.

“Gabriel's not here he’s gone missing” Raoul's face shifted into a confused expression,

“That’s not like him” he said

“It’s not what he used to be like, no” Sylver said “it seems to be habit nowadays”

“Can’t you tell where he is?” Raoul asked Sylver. The vampyre shook his head,

“Not here” this place is a lot bigger thanParadise” he sighed, “We know he was in the pub with deacon, after that who knows” Sylver sighed.

Dawn was glaring at Raoul through this whole exchange.

“Sit down Dawn, you look idiotic” Sylver snapped. “Raoul you’re welcome to stay until Gabriel returns, but if he doesn’t want you here…” Raoul cut him off,

“I know I wont be anywhere near him if he doesn’t wantme.” Raoul sighed, “I know I was a coward but I just want to explain to him and then I’ll go”  

“Go now and make it easy on everyone” Dawn growled

“Dawn, grow up” Sylver snapped.

“I am Gabriel isn’t going to want to see him” Dawn said to Sylver

“Can I make two points?” Raoul shouted over them, Sylver looked at him. “One, I am in the room. Two, it is Gabriel's choice not yours” he looked at Dawn, the daemon was still glaring at him.

“Fine” he said quietly, “I look forward to Gabriel ripping you apart” Dawn slammed the front door as he left.

“There’s the Dawn we all know and love” Sylver said sarcastically, before heading upstairs to bed.

The End

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