Death in the Wolves DenMature

Gabriel looked at his hands, dead flesh and blood covered them, all around him he could hear the wailing of injured wolves he looked up and could see a wolf nearby she was nudging the dead body of her mate with her nose and paws, as if trying to wake him up.

Nearby he saw the dead wolves in piles around him, a tear slipped down his face mixing with the blood from a gash over his eye.

“Gabriel” a quiet voice said behind him, “come” Raziel put a paw on his shoulder.

“But…” Raziel shook his head sadly

“Don’t dwell on it, otherwise it’ll destroy you. Come” he steered Gabriel into a low, but large building nearby. Inside Gabriel could smell strange blood. The injured were being lain on the mud floor. Keira, Raziel's mate, was helping to clean them up, she moved towards Gabriel. Raziel let go of Gabriel's shoulder and walked to a wolf nearby, hunkering down on the floor to help one of the nameless younger wolves clean him up properly.

Gabriel turned away as Keira tried to wipe the cut on Gabriel's forehead, the blood was dripping into his eyes.

“Don’t” he whispered, he looked up at the wolf, “I’m okay,” he didn’t see why she was dealing with him when there were wolves dying on the floor. She smiled sadly.

“You’re good, you know that” it wasn’t a question “this is better than normal, you probably saved us for another few weeks today” Gabriel turned away again.

“I didn’t help them” he growled, the wolf gripped his chin in her soft paws making him look at her.

“You did because of you we lost half of what we usually do, and if you are ashamed about that then I will bite you” she looked serious, and he nodded.

“Let me help” Gabriel said he wiped the back of his hand across his stinging eyes, smearing blood across his face and she smiled at him.

“you have to sit back you’ve probably given yourself a bit of a knock looking at that,” she pushed him down into a nearby seat and pushed the cloth onto his head. She stared at his eyes and moved a little seeming satisfied that Gabriel's eyes watched her.

“any dizziness?” he shook his head, “any sickness?” again a shake of the head. “Okay, you’re all set, you can go and help Bridget” she said and pointed to a door. Gabriel nodded and stood up walking to the door he pulled it open. He saw another large room like the first wolves ay on the ground their blood soaking the dry mud beneath them. The sound is what disturbed him in this room, there were no screams, no wolf like noises apart from a low whining sound, it seemed to come from all around him.

he looked for the wolf Bridget and stepped into the room, then he froze as he saw her,  she turned to him her hands on her hips, black hair was tied back roughly, strands escaping and framing her pale face, she was shorter than him and a stocky build.

She was a daemon.      

The End

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