Dawns Little ShockMature

Gabriel stopped outside the door the cavern he was in was massive towering above him his feeling of being shut in drained away he looked around at the tiny mud houses. Examining Raziel's one behind him he saw the claw marks all over it.

“You dug this place yourselves” Raziel nodded,

“Come on we’re over here today” Gabriel saw a line of wolves of all sizes in one line all around the city, making one large circle. He and Raziel moved forwards into the line the wolves moved apart to let them in, Gabriel looked up at the tunnels and saw the first dead wolf peer over the top. Gabriel braced himself as the first of them began to run down into the line of defence.


“I said what would you say if I said I loved Gabriel” Dawn repeated, Sylver smiled slowly

“Are you serious?” he grinned, Dawn frowned

“Maybe” he said

“Oh my god, don’t tell him whatever you do” Sylver said he was sniggering now

“Why not?” Dawn growled

“Well if you want Gabriel to punch you in the face repeatedly again then sure tell him, but he’ll never forgive you”

“Forgive me for what, what's wrong with it?" dawn said " I don’t understand”

“Neither will he Dawn” Sylver stood up his book in his hand. “Gabriel doesn’t love, he doesn’t understand it. He stays as far away from it as he can, so don’t you dare upset him or I will have your head” Sylver turned and walked away

“I wasn’t planning on it” Dawn said to himself.

The End

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