Sylver Gets a Little ShockMature

Dawn held the hot cup in his hands warming them up, he looked up at Sylver's green eyes.

“I’m not answering questions that I don’t want to” Dawn growled

“Okay question for a question” Sylver said, “one pass” Dawn thought about this then nodded

“Alright” he waited for Sylver's question

“Okay, why are you even here?” Dawn looked a little shocked,

“Well, it’s given my daemons a place to live, and me a holiday” Dawn said, Sylver just stared at him.“What?” Dawn frowned.

 “That’s pathetic” he said, “why are you really here?” Dawn shut his eyes,

“Can I pass on that one” Dawn said slowly

“You want to use your pass on the first question?” Dawn nodded

“Okay ask” Sylver said,

“Why did Maxwell get kicked out of paradise?”  Sylver's eyebrows rose.

“You don’t know?”

“That’s why I’m asking” Dawn snapped

“Alright, Maxwell can’t have kids” Sylver stated.

“Your mother is a psychotic bitch” Dawn said, Sylver flashed him a smile

“I agree, okay my turn, and you used your pass on the last one remember?”

“Of course I remember I’m not stupid” Dawn sat back in is chair and lit a cigarette. Sylver grinned evilly.

“What do you want from Gabriel?” Dawn's face was almost comical, his eyes widened and his mouth opened and shut twice. Sylver just smiled.

“What do you mean?” Dawn stuttered slightly

“I mean, what do you want from my brother?” Sylver said the smile dropped and the look of annoyance that made him look like Gabriel appeared on his face.

“I… have no idea what you’re talking about” Dawn said, Sylver stood and looked down on Dawn

“you are a liar, you are a sneak and I do not like you. If you even think about going near him to hurt him I will make damn sure that you wake up every morning in pain” Sylver hissed at him, “do you understand?” he sat back down and picked up his book.

Dawn didn’t know what to make of this he stared at Sylver, the vampyre wasn’t reading his eyes were still, focused on the page.

“Sylver” Dawn said gently, Sylver didn’t move “what would you actually say if I said that I love your brother” the book slipped from Sylver's hand and hit the floor, the green eyes meeting Dawn's own brown ones.

“What did you say?” he whispered  

The End

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