The Beginning's of a PlanMature

Gabriel was learning too, as Raziel explained as best as he could about the dead wolves.

“There were thousands of us” he said sadly “now there is barely nine hundred left” Gabriel could see the pain in his eyes. “We learnt fast, not to bury the bodies of our dead here or anywhere near here, they always find us again but not as quickly”

“They’re your dead?” Gabriel couldn’t believe his ears,  

“Yes, they raid the town maybe once a week, adding to their numbers and depleting ours” Gabriel thought the wolf frowned, he hadn’t got used to the facial expressions of the wolves yet.

“So what can I do to help?” he asked,

“I have no idea, but I thought you knew what you were doing” the wolf sounded disappointed, Gabriel's mind worked fast.

“Wouldn’t any of your wolves go into the tunnels?” Raziel shook his head.

“Not alone, no” he said “and I wouldn’t let them”

“What about in a group?” Raziel studied him for a moment, then his head dropped

“There are too many of them, any group would be killed if they tried to fight them.” he said sadly, Gabriel shook his head.

“I’m not thinking of a fighting party, I’m thinking a scout party” Raziel's face lit up

“To see where they are?” Gabriel nodded, “and they're mindless, they have no instincts. They have a leader, who’s not one of them” wolf grinned again Gabriel’s stomach tensed slightly at the row of bared, very sharp teeth.

“I might know some who will do that” he stood up, but stopped his face dropping nearby Gabriel heard a bell ring,

“Come on everyone pitches in, you get to see this first hand” they stepped outside together. Gabriel could smell rotting flesh before he saw it.



The End

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