Three MissingMature

Dawn was pacing the lounge, Sylver looked up over the top his book.

“Will you sit down?” he grumbled,

“I cant” Dawn continued walking aimlessly.

“He’s fine” Sylver sighed, “I’d know if he wasn’t” Dawn stopped walking and turned to look at him.

“Really?” he asked, Sylver nodded not trusting his own voice, he was lying he couldn’t feel his twin anywhere nearby and it was worrying him.


The daemons were all on alert, something was aggravating their lord and master and it usually didn’t bode well for them.

Amelia took a deep breath before knocking on the front door of the large house.

Inside, Dawn walked to the door, pulling it open his eyes narrowed slightly.

“What?” he growled,

“Sire, can I have a word?” Amelia wasn’t worried at his bad mood, it was common.

“Sure” Dawn sighed, he stood aside and she stepped into the house Dawn shut the door. Amelia looked at Sylver sitting with his book in the chair.

“Sire?” she said inclining her head towards the vampyre,

“It doesn’t matter, go on” Dawn said, Amelia nodded.

“The daemons are concerned for you, my lord” she smiled sadly, “something is going on and they know it, they’re becoming restless”

“Everything is fine Amelia” Dawn said almost as if he was trying to convince himself, not her.

“Not everything” she said, Dawn frowned, “I’m not arguing, I’m actually here to serve a report”

“Okay” Dawn said he had a hint of hope in his voice,

“It’s not about Allegra or Gabriel I'm afraid to say.” She said looking at the floor, “Wesley's escaped from the prison quarter” Dawn's face dropped

“What?” he growled “how?”

“We’re not sure” Amelia noted that Sylver's book lay open on his lap and he was staring at her.

“Inform all the daemons. get them to keep their eyes open”

“Yes, sire” she opened the door, “Dawn” she said near his ear before she left “get some sleep, you look exhausted” Dawn nodded at her and she left.

Dawn stood still for a moment, Sylver shut his book putting it on the table, he stood and walked to Dawn.

“Take a seat, I’ll make us a drink and then you are explaining some things to me” he said matter-of-factly  


The End

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