Misread SaviourMature

Dawn glared at the vampyre standing at the door,

“What do you want, Raven?” he growled,

“I want to see Gabriel” Raoul said calmly he had a vague idea who this figure in front of him was and didn’t much care.

“Well he’s not here” Dawn said beginning to shut the door, Raoul stuck his foot into the door jam and looked at Dawn again.

“I will wait for him then” he said to the daemon

“Then you will wait at your own house” Dawn snapped, “didn’t Amarantine build you one” it wasn’t a question it sounded like an accusation to Raoul's ears.

“So what if he did, I know it was you that told him to help me” Raoul matched Dawn's volume easily. The daemons brown eyes met Raoul's and they narrowed.

“Only because if you died it would upset Gabriel” Dawn snarled not that you needed any help doing that” Raoul heard Dawn hiss the word coward under his breath.

“I may be a coward but I will not talk to you about this I want to see Gabriel”

”and I told you that he’s not here” Dawn forced the door shut pushing Raoul's foot outside.



Gabriel had met all of Raziel's family the little wolf had stayed on his lap, the unnamed female from earlier was his daughter. His mate, Keira poked her head into the room to smile at him before disappearing again.

“do you have family Gabriel?

“I have, I’ve got four brothers” Gabriel answered simply,

“no parents?” Raziel asked, the wolf saw Gabriel's face darken slightly

“not anymore” he said quietly

“that is a shame” Raziel didn’t understand the meaning behind Gabriel's answer. The vampyre shrugged.

“they were never around much anyway”

“well, we must get you back to your brothers soon, where do they live?”

“the midway” Gabriel could think of any other way of describing it.

“you mean the top?” the wolf said, Gabriel looked a little confused, “outside” the wolf added and Gabriel nodded. “I see, well I can take you him once your wing is better but most of the others won’t leave the town”

“why?” Gabriel asked, the wolf growled slightly

“the dead” he said almost inaudibly.

“you mean that thing I saw in the tunnel?” Gabriel asked,

“what thing?” the wolf looked sharply at him.

“it looked like the wolves here, but it was dead and blind, it’s the reason I’m down here” the wolf looked at him for a moment then Gabriel saw the very tip of his long tail begin to twitch.

“you mean you’re here to help us?” he smiled

The End

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