Gabriel was sat up in the straw bed, as his wing was re-strapped by one of the wolves as the creature worked Gabriel looked at her, she was not like the thing he’d seen in the tunnel, she smelt of mud and dirt but the smell wasn’t unpleasant she was wrapping a crude bandage artfully around his wing pulling the bones together painfully, as his wing creaked slightly,

“Sorry” the wolf smiled producing an alarming effect, Gabriel smiled back as well as he could,

“Do you have a name?” Gabriel asked, the wolf shook her head,

“We don’t get named until we’re adults” she said he could almost hear the longing in her voice,

”then what do I call you?” she just smiled again, but her eyes looked sad and she left quickly,

‘Yeah that was smart’ Gabriel thought to himself ‘lets offend the people who have you stuck in a tiny little cave’ Gabriel shuddered and using the wall for support he hoisted himself up. The nausea and sickness had vanished but his limbs didn’t seem to like moving after being still for so long. He walked slowly to the doorway that had no door that led out of the little room he was in and looked out into a lounge of sorts.

“Ah,” a voice said, it was the deep growly voice form earlier “look who’s up” a large built wolf moved towards him

“Where am I?” Gabriel asked,

“I told you that earlier” the voice said, the wolf guided him to a seat and all but pushed him into it,

“Bain, right?” Gabriel muttered, the wolf nodded his magnificent green eyes were examining Gabriel's eyes and the vampyre shifted slightly in his seat,

“You have been here for four days,” the wolf said “are you hungry?” Gabriel shook his head unsure of what to make of the creature in front of him. “Well you must try and eat something” the wolf stood straighter and turned to walk away.

“I don’t eat” Gabriel said, the wolf turned back to him

“Don’t eat?” he repeated, “how are you alive if you don’t eat?” Gabriel shrugged,

“I don’t know” he said, the wolf laughed,

“Okay, well do you drink?” Gabriel shook his head  

“Only blood” he said, he could hear a scratching noise by the door and looked around to see the tiny wolf, who had been licking his face earlier, peering around the door. The large wolf seemed to straighten again

“My son” he said, the tiny wolf was only as tall as Gabriel's knee, he jumped up onto the arm of Gabriel's chair and sniffed his face. Gabriel smiled

“Hi” he said to the small creature. The little wolf yapped loudly at him and jumped down onto his lap.

“He doesn’t speak properly yet” the proud father said, “but he’s getting there slowly” Gabriel gently scratched the little wolfs ear and got a yap for his effort which he was vaguely starting to understand, was a good thing.

“so do you have a name?” Gabriel asked hoping that someone in this place had one

“I do, my name is Raziel” the large wolf said, Gabriel smiled again then picked the young wolf, who was trying to clean his ears, and put him gently on the ground.

“I’m Gabriel” he said, the wolf moved forward and Gabriel had no idea what to do with himself as a rough tongue ran up the side of his face.

“Nice to meet you Gabriel, and what species are you?” Raziel sat back down on the floor.       

The End

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