Gabriel awoke to a rough tongue on his face, he opened his eyes. A tiny dog like creature was sitting on the floor next to his head. He looked around pushing the dog away.

The little animal ran out of the room yapping loudly, from the looks of it he was in a small mud hut. Gabriel struggled to sit up,  trying to think of what had happened, but his mind wasn’t functioning to well.

“Lay back down” a sharp voice came from behind him, Gabriel twisted in the bed and his eyes were confronted with stars as his wing moved he felt a sharp pain and a wave of nausea sweep over him.

A gentle pair of hands braced his shoulders and lay him back down, he flinched as he remembered the dead thing in the tunnel, and his hazy eyes matched similarities between the creature that held him and the dead thing.

“Shit” he mumbled, a voice laughed a strange barking sound

“Lay back” the voice said, Gabriel tried to protest but his mind failed to reach is mouth and he slipped back into the darkness again his eyes closing slowly.


“Will it be alright?” Gabriel heard a male voice say near him, his eyes snapped open and the figures around the bed looked at him he saw three doglike faces, larger than the one that had been licking him. They stood bent over on their back legs. Fur of varying shades covered them and their eyes held a disturbing intelligence.

“Hello” a voice issued out of on of tem but he couldn’t fathom which one their mouths didn’t seem to move. He struggled to sit up and waited for the nausea and dizziness, but none came.

“Where am I?” he asked,

“It can talk” one of the dogs turned to the other “I told you” the third growled slightly at the first.

“Behave” his voice was deep and rich with a slight growling quality to it. Welcome to Bain, city of wolves” 

“Okay, can I panic about him now?” dawn growled at Sylver, “he’s been gone for four days.” Sylver sighed

“Give it a week dawn, he’s not an idiot”

“I know but he’s got one hell of an unlucky streak when it comes to trouble”  the large daemon shouted. Sylver felt his rare temper flare.

“He is not a child dawn leave him alone and stop having a go at me whenever the love of your life goes missing for a little while” Sylver matched dawn in ferocity but his volume wasn’t quite there. The vampyre stormed away to his bedroom as dawn stood there dumbstruck for a moment.


There was a knock on the door, and dawn pulling himself together swiftly went to answer it.

A tall brown haired vampyre stood on the doorstep, a long coat hung around him and he was dressed finely. A scar ran from the corner of his right eye to the corner of his mouth. Dawn frowned, his fury bubbling up even more

“Raoul Raven” he hissed

The End

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