Gabriel looked back around at the shadowy figure, he moved slightly closer. The figure was lit up by Gabriel's magick and he wished he hadn’t seen it., the smell wasn’t from something dead, it came from this thing.

The long dog like nose was brown and the eyes were blank white Gabriel moved a little more and the creature growled, and Gabriel could see it properly, the flesh hung in strips the eyes yellow and soft it wasn’t alive but Gabriel could hear it snuffling and sniffing for him. There was no way it could be alive, he could see the stark white bones of its ribcage.

The daemon blood that ran in his veins turned cold he walked backwards keeping his eyes on this thing, he heard a low rumbling sound and realized that the creature was trying to growl through rotten vocal chords.

Gabriel backed down one of the tunnels at the intersection hoping to any god that he could remember the name of that it was the right tunnel, he kept moving quickly.


Then he was falling he twisted in the air his magick died out as he fell. He cried out as his wings smashed into a rock on the way and he landed in a painful heap on a rocky floor below, the last thing he saw before he blacked out was a long furry nose in front of his face.  


The End

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