The TunnelMature

Gabriel left the pub late, the suns had set together that evening making the dark seem strange, it didn’t happen too often. Deacon’s blood pulsed through Gabriel's veins the energy making him giddy and restless. He walked heading to his vantage point on the cliffs in the distance.


On the ledge Gabriel sat and watched the lanterns and torches move around the daemon city he smiled they were far enough away to remind Gabriel of a colony of ants, he must have been up there an hour before he stood up deciding to go home.


The smell hit him like a shovel, making him gag, the scent of rotten flesh. he looked up and moved just as a rock dropped from above him. He frowned and making himself breath through his mouth he climbed up onto the next ledge, and a sight worse than any dead creature met his eyes. A cave sat in the rock face and he shuddered, the idea of the enclosed space was enough to make the sweat roll down his face.


Gabriel heard a scuffle from inside the tunnel, even his brilliant eyesight couldn’t make anything out in the dark, he put his hand out feeling for the energy he’d found in his first fight with Wesley, he felt his palm growing warm and a brilliant light shot out lighting the opening of the tunnel. Gabriel held his magick back so the bright light became a small ball in his hand it crackled with electricity and he smiled. He’d have to tell Dawn later that he’d done his first bit of deliberate magick. He shuffled forward a little looking inside the cave, he still couldn’t see anything. He shuffled a bit further and a figure came into view.


Gabriel's curiosity was overwhelming his sense of danger and he moved forward again the figure backed up slightly, this went on for a good few minutes Gabriel moved forward and the figure moved back, the smell was getting worse.

All the hairs on the back of Gabriel's neck stood on end as he moved again and he heard a soft whine come form the creature in front of him, it wasn’t anything to do with pain or hunger, it was a warning and Gabriel looked back towards the exit and realized to his horror that they had passed an intersection in the tunnels and he didn’t know the way back.

The End

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