Deacons Little Bit of HelpMature

Gabriel left the house walking around the city he hoped to find Allegra and talk to her. He was deep enough in thought that he didn’t notice as he walked straight past Deacon,

“Hey” the daemon caught up to him, it took Gabriel a few seconds to find the blond daemons name,

“Hi Deacon” he said, Deacon smiled.

“How’s it going?” Deacon walked with him, “beat anymore of my kind up recently?”

“That was perfectly justified” Gabriel snapped,

“I know I bought you a drink for it, remember?” Deacon didn’t seem at all fazed by Gabriel's short temper. “Fancy another?” Gabriel looked at him.

“Yeah, alright. But no alcohol”

“Rough night?” Deacon smiled,

“Something like that” Gabriel muttered.


Deacon waved atSydney, beckoning him over, Gabriel had already drained three pint glasses of blood and his head was spinning,

“Did you want another one?” Deacon asked,

“I’m good” Gabriel shook his head regretting it instantly, his brain felt like it was floating and the floor lurched.

“Are you okay?” Deacon stood and moved next to him “if possible you look even paler than normal”

“I don’t think too much of that stuff is good for me” Gabriel held his head,

“Do you need something else?”

“Fresh air I think” Gabriel made to stand up, but Deacon pushed him back down

“Wait here” he said then he walked over toSydneyand after a quick whispered conversation, then Deacon disappeared behind the bar and into the back room.

Gabriel waited for his head to slow its spinning slightly, and then tried standing slowly.Sydneylooked over at him before coming out from behind the bar.

“Sit down” he kept his voice quiet,


“I don’t know Deacon asked me to make sure you didn’t go anywhere”

“So I did” Deacon walked around Sydney's massive form setting a glass down on the table. “There” he said, “drink that”

“I can’t drink any more of that shit” Gabriel groaned Deacon laughed

“I hope I haven’t got shit running through my veins” Gabriel glared at him then as Sydney, howling with laughter, went back behind the bar Gabriel tried a little of Deacons blood his head cleared instantly his hangover gone. He drained the glass

“Thanks” he said Deacon just smiled and ordered another drink.  

The End

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