Developing ProblemsMature

Downstairs Dawn sat heavily down in one of the armchairs,

“Sire?” Amelia came into the room, Dawn looked up


“Allegra's missing” Dawn sighed and stood up. he turned away from Amelia and left the room. He didn’t notice her as she bought Gabriel's coat out from behind her laying the bundle on one of the chairs then she scurried after him.


Gabriel came down a few hours later, and saw Sylver with a clothes brush, getting all the dried mud of the velvet coat, he swore inside his head.

“Hey,” Sylver greeted “I don’t want to know how you got mud all over your coat or why it was screwed up on the chair” Sylver looked at him and smiled, Sylver knew already what had happened and Gabriel wanted it to only be him that knew.

Gabriel sat down in one of the armchairs, laying his head back and putting his hands over his face.

“So who got lucky last night?” Sylver grinned still brushing the coat.

“I don’t remember if anyone did” Gabriel mumbled form behind his hands

“You mean you were drunk enough that you don’t remember” Gabriel lowered his hands, Sylver grinned,

“Pretty much”

“Do you remember who it probably was?” Gabriel didn’t see the point in lying to Sylver

“Allegra” he mumbled, Sylver looked at him for a moment.

“A daemon?” he said “a female one, at that” his face stayed serious for a second before breaking into peals of ecstatic laughter.

“Shut up” Gabriel said, but he smiled all the same.


Dawn walked into the lounge, to see Sylver giggling and the small smile on Gabriel's face.

“What’s the joke?” he asked, he looked exhausted, and Sylver stopped laughing at once,

“Nothing” he said, the smile creeping back onto his face, Dawn looked at him strangely and Sylver burst out laughing again, Dawn sighed and turned to Gabriel.

“Have either of you seen Allegra today?” if possible Sylver laughed even harder.

“No” he was clutching his chest, “but I know someone who has, nearly all of her in fact” Dawn didn’t see the pink flush on Gabriel's face as the vampyre stood and walked quickly to the stairs.

“Gabriel?” Dawn called is voice concerned, but Gabriel didn’t turn around he continued upstairs and shut his door. Sylver had calmed down enough to watch Dawn sit back a frown on his face, the vampyre was still smiling.

“Dawn Gabriel is not in a good mood this morning”

“I noticed” Dawn rubbed his temples, “any reason?”

“Not that I’m aware of” Sylver said his face straight now, he put the clothes brush on the small shelf under the coffee table, and walked to the coat hooks by the front door, hanging Gabriel's coat up

“Sylver, Wesley's replacement has arrived and I was wondering if Gabriel wants to talk to him, before he settles in.”

“Is he nice?” Dawn shrugged

“he doesn’t hate Gabriel as far as I know”

“Okay” Sylver smiled

“the only problem is that the daemons  pulled Wesley's house down last night, I’m still looking into who it was but it means that Malachi has nowhere to live, at least until Amarantine gets back”

“Give him one of the spare rooms and I’ll talk to the ice princess”

“Who?” Dawn asked

“Gabriel” Sylver said walking away Dawn smiled.

The End

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