It was still early morning so the daemons were all still in their houses, sleeping off hangovers from the night before. Gabriel slipped through the town and into the still dark house, in his room the curtains were drawn and the room was dark. He headed to the bathroom pulling leaves and small twigs out of his clothes and hair. He pulled his muddy and slightly damp clothes off on the way to the bathroom.

“You know that’s a welcome sight in the morning” a voice said behind him.

“piss off, Dawn” Gabriel snapped, slamming the bathroom door.

“Good morning to you too” the daemon mumbled to himself, he shifted slightly in the chair and closed his eyes again.


Gabriel shut the shower door, he flinched as his claws grated on the enamel base, switching on the water. he turned the hot tap up full his skin burning as he scrubbed his hair and body clean.


He shivered as he shut off the water, the cold air in the bathroom bringing goosebumps to his skin. He wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the bathroom door. In the small amount of light he saw Dawn, still sitting on the chair next to the bed the daemons eyes were shut. Gabriel growled and walked past him to the wardrobe his eyes kept flicking to Dawn as he pulled on a pair of jeans the material sticking slightly to his damp skin. He pulled on his shirt and laid the towel around his shoulders, to stop his hair from soaking his clothes.

“Oi” Gabriel snapped in Dawn's ear the daemon, jumped and opened his eyes.

“What?” he growled back

“Out” Gabriel answered

“Bloody hell, what have I done wrong this time?” Dawn sighed, Gabriel just glared at him, Dawn stared back for a moment then turned and left. Gabriel tied his hair and flopped down on the bed trying to remember exactly what had happened the night before, but his mind wouldn’t process it and thinking about it made his head pound even more.

The End

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