The Evils of AlcoholMature

 Sylver sat down in the lounge, Dawn looked at him strangely.

“And you do?” the daemon questioned

“Dawn, Gabriel and I aren’t young anymore. the fifty years you were at the palace are nothing now,”

“But you remember?” Sylver shrugged

“I had nothing better to do. Besides I keep a diary”

“Do you think I should remind him?”

“I wouldn’t, Gabriel's memory is strange. It’s like he blanks certain parts out and as he’s getting older they're turning from months that he’s missing to years.”

“So he wont remember me even if I do tell him” Dawn sighed,

“Dawn, I think your best bet is to start again with him, the Gabriel that you knew before is not the Gabriel you’re getting to know now”

“I’ll try” Dawn smiled sadly,

“Good” Sylver stood up “and remember he’s not four, Dawn. he can do what he wants” Dawn nodded   


Gabriel sat in the pub, Sydney held a black glass up Gabriel shook his head, he pointed at the bottle of Jack Daniels the noise in the pub was deafening, andSydneyshook his head

“That’s Dawn's” he mouthed, Gabriel shrugged

“So?” Sydney shrugged and put the bottle up on the counter and turned to get a glass Gabriel had already swallowed a mouthful from the bottle by the time the daemon turned back around, filling up the glass from the bottle. Gabriel smiled asSydneypassed him his change he pushed the coins in his pocket and went to sit away from everyone.



Gabriel walked out of the pub and decided that he wanted to walk so he set of a little unsteady to the edge of the daemon town and into the trees.

“Hey” a voice made him jump, he looked around and spotted Allegra sitting her back against a tree little seedlings were sprouting up around her, “come and join me” she smiled holding up a bottle.

“is everyone getting drunk tonight?” Gabriel asked, nevertheless he sat down carefully avoiding the new plants, Allegra passed him the bottle and he drank grimacing at the burn, it want as good as the JD but it wasn't too bad.


Gabriel awoke to a pounding headache, he opened his eyes as something tickled his face. A strand of gold hair lay across his face he sat up, realizing quickly that he was still in the forest and also that he was naked.

“shit shit shit” he whispered, he pulled his clothes on and lay his coat over Allegra then lighting a cigarette and swearing softly to himself he made his way quickly back to the house.    

The End

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