Dawn entered the pub, the daemons parted allowing him through he sat in the corner, with a cigarette in his hand. Sydney, the large landlord bought over a bottle of JD for him.

“is everything okay, sire?” the big daemon boomed, Dawn looked at him for a moment.

“everything is as good as it can be” he said slowly,

“permission to sit, sire”Sydney asked Dawn nodded andSydneysat surprisingly gracefully for his massive size next to Dawn on the bench, “how is everything in the underworld?” he asked

“better than it was the excavation work is moving quickly, and thanks to Amarantine the new houses are going up quickly” Dawn sighed andSydneypoured him a drink

“can I suggest that you get someone to take over for a little while, you look exhausted, and you need a holiday” Dawn smiled,

“a holiday sounds good” he thought aloud,Sydneygrinned

“well, I’d better get back I think I have some more customers.” Dawn looked at the bar to see Sylver, Maxwell and Daryll stood there.Sydneygot up and left Dawn to see to them.   

Gabriel watched as the large barman spoke to Dawn in the corner and skirted around the other side as far from him as possible, the daemon was drinking and he didn’t want to be near him when he was drunk again.

He sat down and watched his brothers join Dawn, they hadn’t noticed him.

Sydney's huge shadow loomed over him as he pushed a black glass onto his table.

“From the gentleman across the way” he smiled, Gabriel looked at him and he pointed to a blond daemon who raised his glass.

Gabriel smiled unsurely and looked in the glass, thick red liquid stained the sides and a slight amount of steam told Gabriel that it was warm,Sydneyleft him and the blond daemon came over.

“hi” he said, “my names Deacon” he indicated to the chair next to Gabriel's, then sat down anyway when Gabriel didn’t react,

“okay, hello” Gabriel muttered, he wasn’t good with new people, “thanks for the drink” Deacon laughed

“it was only to say thanks and well done” he smiled

“what for?”

“for battering Wesley, it was about time someone did” Deacon drained his drink, and stood “see you around” he smiled, walking away and disappearing into the crowd. Gabriel finished his drink and left too, not noticing that Dawn was stood at the bar and had seen him.

The End

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