Little Vandal's and Dawn's Moping AgainMature

“Where is he?” dawn said to himself he paced Gabriel's room, no one had seen Gabriel for the last few days. He looked around as Sylver looked in through the open door.

“Dawn?” he frowned “what are you doing?”

“Waiting for Gabriel” dawn answered, Sylver frowned and came into the room closing the door

“Dawn, what is it with you, you seem to follow him around like a lost puppy” dawn glared at Sylver, then turned to look out of the window.

“I do not” he said unconvincingly, he sighed and Sylver walked up beside him.

“Dawn, you’re not going to get anywhere with him. Forget about him, okay?”

“How can you say that?” dawn turned looking at him. “He’s your brother” Sylver smiled

“I know, and it means that I know him better than you ever will” Sylver turned to walk away, “he can take care of himself” Sylver didn’t say that he had begun to worry about his twins whereabouts too.

“Sylver,” dawn called, Sylver stopped and looked around at the daemon, “I can’t forget him” Sylver shrugged

“That’s your choice, but you wont find it easy” Sylver left and dawn turned back to the window.

“When’s anything ever easy.” He said to himself.


Gabriel slipped out of Lewis’ room and back down the ladder,

“Don’t be a stranger” Lewis smiled down from the window, Gabriel waved at him pushing the ladder back into the wall, he slipped back out into the main street, Gabriel was still furious but Lewis had told him to go home, he wouldn’t help anyone if he got himself killed by going to see her.

Gabriel had argued for a moment then realized that Lewis was right, the old angel always gave him the right advice whether Gabriel liked it or not.


He walked quickly down the darkened streets heading back to the north edge of paradise, the houses here were nicer than the neighbourhood he’d just left, but there were few lights on and Gabriel didn’t care much for the aristocracy, he never had.

There was a guard at the edge of the city and Gabriel frowned, it must be nearly 6am the guards rota had changed since he had last lived up here they were never out this early.

He ducked back into the shadow of the few houses around him, weighing his options up. He thought quickly and swore, then picking a rock from the ground he threw it hard, glass smashed and he saw the guard run towards him, he ducked into a shop doorway and the guard ran straight past he smiled to himself, the rich bastards could afford to replace their windows.

He ran towards the cliffs, pulling his coat off as he ran. He jumped the wind catching his wings and slipped down through another hole nearby.

The End

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