Another Day in ParadiseMature

Gabriel had found one of the cliffs at the edge of paradise, after flying for nearly five minutes with solid rock above his head. He climbed up the cliff and peered over the top, no guards. Gabriel smiled and climbed up, pulling his coat on to hide his wings just in case anyone did see him, he doubted it though. It was around 3am and the streets were deserted as he walked into the city.


 Even so he kept out of the illumination let off by the gas lamps, moving quickly into shop doorway and alleys.

The city hadn’t changed, apart from the fact that the streets were getting filthier as he headed towards the edge of the city. Gabriel grimaced as he moved further and further from the palace at the centre of the city and into the outskirts he could smell sewage and dead animals nearby.


‘Bitch’ he whispered, as he saw grimy windows and empty houses the doors and windows had been smashed. He hated the fact that he was related to the one responsible for poverty in the east side of the city.


He slipped down an alley into a back garden and at the back wall of the house he looked up above the downstairs window reaching up he felt a hole around a bricks height tall and around a foot wide. He slid his hand inside and felt a rough wooden pole, he pulled and the ladder slid out of the wall silently. He climbed it and quickly pulled the shutters back on the upstairs window. His booted feet soundlessly landed on the bare boards below the window, he froze instantly as a knife pressed into his neck.     

The End

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