Agony Uncles and ExcursionsMature

“Come on Dawn” Daryll grabbed the daemons wrist, and pulled him out of the armchair in the lounge. “we’re going to the pub before it gets too packed” the tiny vampyre didn’t seem to notice that Dawn was annoyed and pulled him all the way to the pub, much to the amusement of the daemons who saw them along the way.


Gabriel had snuck out that evening just after he’d left the medical room, knowing that Dawn was busy and wouldn’t follow him. He flew toward the crater that led to earth, his coat draped over his arm.

Then changing his mind he flew up he saw Aura’s defence system as a shimmering veil, stretching across the sky, he flew higher examining it as he went, light bounced off it in rainbow colours like oil on water.

He frowned as he got closer noticing small holes all over it, Aura hadn’t been repairing it. Gabriel sniggered. She wasn’t as smart as she thought,

‘Then again’ he thought ‘neither amI.’ he changed his flight slightly and slipped up through one of the larger holes.


Dawn sat in the crowded pub, a frown on his face. He didn’t even notice when Daryll put a drink down in front of him, until the vampyre lifted it up and stuck it under Dawn's nose. Dawn grabbed it his eyes watering slightly as the fumes from the whiskey made his throat burn.

“What is wrong with you Dawn?” Sylver asked, watching the daemon carefully, Maxwell laughed as Dawn didn’t pay any attention to him and went back to thinking.

Sylver growled and stood leaning over the table, he tugged the front of Dawn's hair. Dawn's eyes snapped up looking at him, Sylver didn’t bat an eyelid, even as the daemons nearby subconsciously moved away from their table.

“What?” Dawn growled.

“What is wrong with you?” Sylver said each word slowly to make sure Dawn was listening.

“I’m fine, leave me alone” Dawn grumbled,

“Dawn” Sylver smiled as he sat back down “bullshit” he looked at Daryll who poured another drink for the large daemon, Dawn looked at it suspiciously then knocked it back not even feeling the burn that it usually caused.

“now are you going to tell us what's wrong or do we have to guess” Maxwell said.

The End

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