Jealousy and MoodsMature

In the basement, Sylver was laying on the single bed that Gabriel had awoken on a few days before. He kept insisting that he was fine, but Dawn and Amelia were fussing and Dawn was trying to sew a cut up that ran down the vampyres forearm. Gabriel stood by the door waiting to hear if everything was okay.

“Gabriel?” Allegra's voice echoed in his head, he looked at her, “has anyone asked if you’re okay, yet?” she smiled,

“No” he answered; Dawn looked up from his stitching work as he heard Gabriel speak.

“Well, are you okay?” Allegra asked.

“I’m alright” he said

“Good” she stood on her toes and kissed him on the forehead, then walked out of the medical room, Gabriel watched her leave, then touched his forehead the mark there seemed to burn on his cold skin. Dawn still watched and he felt his blood run cold as Gabriel smiled to himself.


A few hours later and Sylver was cleaned up and wandering around the house trying to avoid Amelia who kept asking him if he was okay. Dawn was in a foul mood, sulking in the lounge and ignoring everyone. And Gabriel was nowhere to be found.

The End

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