Wesley's MistakeMature

There was a bigger crowd than the day before, Gabriel pushed through reaching the centre he saw the source of entertainment for the crowd, Wesley and Sylver stood in the centre Sylver had blood streaming from under his hair somewhere it dripped down his face and onto the floor. His lip was cut and he had an already impressive black eye.

Dawn came up behind Gabriel,

“Wesley” Dawn roared behind Gabriel, but the daemon didn’t listen he saw Gabriel storming towards him, he looked at Sylver and behind the bruising made out green eyes, and his hands were hands he looked up at the other vampyre and realized his mistake. Twins.

Gabriel walked forward he put his hands out and shoved the daemon, Wesley went flying Dawn ran in and grabbed Sylver. Gabriel moved towards Wesley the massive daemon was hauling himself up off the floor. Gabriel kicked him square in the face his bare clawed feet tearing into the skin.

Then he gave Wesley the chance to stand, the daemon had blood pouring down his face but he stood up his furious eyes fixed on Gabriel, he moved forward ready to swing his huge fists, but Gabriel jumped nimbly catching Wesley around the neck he slammed his feet into the daemons stomach, then jumped away as the daemon slumped to the floor, then Gabriel began punching the daemon repeatedly in the head. Dawn walked forward and pulled him up, holding him tightly around the chest. Gabriel's eyes burned into the bloody mess on the ground that was Wesley, the daemon was still alive, barely. blood pumped steadily from his head onto the grass.


“Are you calm?” Dawn said quietly in Gabriel's ear. Gabriel wasn’t calm but he had composed himself enough to keep his temper. He nodded and Dawn let him go.

Gabriel looked at Sylver who was sitting on the ground Allegra and Amelia were fussing over him.

“Get him cleaned up” Dawn snapped at Wesley's little group, Gabriel stepped on Wesley's fingers as he walked to Sylver, making the daemon groan in pain. Dawn picked Sylver up and set him on his feet steering him back to the house. Allegra, Amelia and Gabriel followed them.

The End

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