Gabriel didn’t even notice the crowds as he looked for someone he knew, he was getting annoyed at the niggling headache in the back of his head. He spotted Sydney, Allegra and Amarantine near the far edge of the city, he jogged up to them.

“Gabriel?” Amarantine said surprised, “is everything okay?” Gabriel nodded

“Sort of, have any of you seen Dawn?” he asked, Amarantine looked in the direction of the crater that led to earth,

“He went that way about ten minutes ago” he said slowly, “he’s not one for teleporting with a hangover”

“Thanks” Gabriel said and he headed off in the direction that Amarantine suggested, is bare feet made no sound as he moved quickly towards the crater that led to earth, he could see Dawn in the distance, he broke into a jog.

“Gabriel” Dawn said without turning around, as Gabriel approached. “Are you following me?” Dawn stopped walking and turned to look at him, his bottom lip was still split an angry purple colour ran from each side of the cut.

“Yes” Gabriel said casually


“I was wondering what you were doing?”

“Didn’t you get my note?”

“Yes,” Gabriel rocked on his feet, the damp grass feeling strange on his bare skin.

“Well, I told you in that where I was going”

“Well I thought I’d say sorry for…” he nodded his head indicating Dawn's lip, the daemon unconsciously licked the cut and winced.

“Gabriel, you don’t need to apologize. It was me that was out of order.” Dawn said he turned starting to walk again.


“Dawn?” Gabriel said staying where he was, the daemon stopped.

“Yes?” Dawn didn’t look around at him, Gabriel moved forward instead.

“I don’t see how I’m supposed to deal with the daemons if you leave” Gabriel said, he pulled his cigarettes out, pulling one out with his teeth, then offered the pack to Dawn. The daemon hesitated then took one. “But hey, if you want to leave go ahead” Gabriel shrugged lighting his cigarette. He turned and walked back towards the house. Dawn stood dumbstruck for a moment. Then he lit his cigarette and hurried to catch up with Gabriel.

“Wait” Dawn called, Gabriel turned to look back but carried on walking Dawn caught up to him and slowed slightly to walk at the same speed. “I thought you hated me” Dawn said quietly,

“I don’t like you when you’re drunk at least but I don’t hate you” Gabriel frowned the niggling headache was getting more insistent. They were getting near the outside of the town when Gabriel realized what the feeling was. Amelia ran up to them as they cleared the trees,

“Sire” she panted, “Wesley”

“What’s he doing now?” Dawn said exasperated but Gabriel knew, both he and Amelia spoke at once.

“Sylver” Gabriel broke into a run. Dawn followed dumping his bag on the floor.

The End

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