Dawns secretsMature

“Dawn?" Gabriel asked recognizing Dawn's voice instantly shock and fury tinted his voice, “put me down.”

“No” Dawn's voice almost purred in his ear.

“Now Dawn” Gabriel could smell the unmistakeable smell of Jack Daniels, he twisted in Dawn's vice like grip. “What is your problem?” the little vampyre shouted, his voice echoed through the trees

“My problem?” Dawn sounded slightly amused, “I’m drunk you’re sexy. Why what’s your problem” 

“Right now, my problem is you” Gabriel snarled, he kicked back and swore as he realized that Dawn like him had boots that ended just below his knees, the leather protecting his skin. “Put me down” Gabriel tried one last time.

“Why?” Dawn asked, Gabriel used his only option, he slammed his head back into Dawn's face, the back of his skull met Dawn's mouth. The daemons dropped him and he scurried to a safe distance away turning to look at Dawn, Dawn didn’t look like he was in pain but there was a steady flow of blood running down his chin, he touched his lip gently looking at the red stain on his fingers. Gabriel waited ready for him to do something. But the daemon looked up his eyes met Gabriel's then he twisted round, spitting a mouthful of blood onto the ground behind him, then he straightened up again.

“I suppose I deserved that” he said nodding slightly, he looked at Gabriel again. A slight smile touched his mouth and then he vanished leaving Gabriel alone.


Gabriel stormed into the house. He slammed his bedroom door shut. He rested his back on the door as he breathed to calm down. Then he stripped off and climbed in the shower the hot water scorching his skin. He made sure he got Dawn's blood out of the back of his hair before climbing out again. He shivered as he wrapped the towel around his thin waist. Then stepping out into his bedroom, he pulled off the towel got into the tracksuit bottoms that he slept in and still furious climbed into bed it was hours before he fell asleep.



The next morning he woke up he had a banging headache, he climbed out of bed rubbing his head, as he went to the wardrobe he saw a piece of paper that had been slipped under his door. Picking it up he put it on the bed, it was a letter. He recognized a few of the letters but the rest were a jumble to him, and he growled.

He pulled the red shirt back on and un-tucked his hair. Then grabbed a pair of black cotton combat style trousers and tugged those on too. Then grabbing the letter he went to find Daryll.


The small vampyre read the note out to Gabriel;

Dear Gabriel,


I cannot apologize enough for what I have done. I do not expect you to forgive this. i have decided to go back to the underworld and leave you in a bit of peace. It seems I was wrong about you, you don’t need my help and I shall not give it where it’s not wanted. Thank you for being in my life again, if only for a short while. I will miss you a great deal.




Daryll looked at him,

“What does he mean ‘again’?” Gabriel frowned

“No idea” he left the letter with Daryll as he ran down the hall to the front door “thanks” he called back, Daryll grinned to himself and looked at the letter again.


The End

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