Alcohol FueledMature

Dawn spent the next few days ensuring all of the daemons, were moved in properly and there were no problems. Wesley was being watched closely by a few daemons that were close to Dawn much to their displeasure.

Dawn looked at Gabriel's window the curtains were still pulled across, he hadn’t seen the vampyre since his threat two days before. Dawn was beginning to get concerned about him.



The pub was open,Sydneyhad bought the alcohol up from earth himself, the cold store was in operation thanks to Amarantine. There was even a small fridge for a few of the medical bags, behind the bar soSydneydidn’t have to leave the pub.

Dawn looked up at the window one more time before going into the pub, the other daemons moved out of his way as he paid for a bottle of Jack Daniels and sat in the corner, away form the crowd.


Gabriel watched the lights from outside dancing on his ceiling, the light piercing the curtains.

“For gods sake” he swore standing up, he walked to the window pulling back the curtains. There were torches being lit outside, each house had one in the garden and more were being lit, the suns had sunk around the same time and it was dark. The daemons were either crowded in the pub or around it if they didn’t fit inside. Gabriel sighed deciding he wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight. He walked to his wardrobe pulling off the tracksuit top he was wearing and pulled out a deep red shirt.


Dawn downed the last of the bottle. He’d left the pub a few minutes before and walked, not a bit wobbly, to the trees nearby. He looked at his daemons enjoying themselves and smiled.


Gabriel struggled slightly with the button on his black jeans, after his claws had co-operated he sat down and pulled is boots on lighting a cigarette he left the room.


He looked around outside and decided to walk away from the crowded town centre, he skirted around the outside, really it was good that the daemons were having a good time, compared to the life they had before. He moved into a small group of tree picking his way through the leaves and tree roots that snakes across the ground. Around five minutes later he stopped turning around and scanning the trees behind him, he frowned and carried on listening to the footfalls that were meticulously trying to match his own.


His breath hitched as someone grabbed him from behind. a pair of arm wrapping around his middle pinning his arms. A body pressed into his back trapping his wings, the figure lifted him a few inches off the ground.

“Hello” a voice said.

The End

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