Gabriel's ThreatMature

“Will he be alright?” Gabriel heard Dawn's voice, it sounded strange like he was talking too slowly,

“He’ll be okay once he’s woken up he might be a bit achy, but he’ll be fine” a familiar female voice said quietly. Gabriel tried opening his eyes but his body wasn’t responding, “Sire, can I have permission to ask a question?” the female voice said, Dawn must have given it because the female voice continued. “There have been rumours, my lord. About yourself and…” she seemed to run out of steam here.

Gabriel growled in his head, as he tried moving his arms or legs or anything.

“He’s getting annoyed sire” the female said, he stopped his mental struggle to listen to her. She laughed, “now he’s curious as to how I know that” Gabriel felt something cold on his forehead water dripped into his hairline, the woman who had been speaking skipped back delicately but quickly as Gabriel's claws lashed out trying to get rid of the irritating wet cloth on his head, his eyes flicked open.

“Morning” Dawn smiled at him, Gabriel tried to sit up but Dawn held his shoulder down, “I really wouldn’t” Dawn said. Gabriel ripped the cold piece of cloth off his head and sat up.

The world lurched, and he Dawn caught him before he fell sideways out of the single bed. His head was throbbing and his vision swam.

He tried to ask what had happened but it came out as a random jumble of words.

“He’s wondering what happened, sire” the female voice said, Gabriel turned to her.

“Who are you?” he managed,

“You don’t recognize me?” she smiled

“I wouldn’t recognize my own mother right now, and I’m in no mood for games” Gabriel snapped

“Well at least you’re getting more coherent” Dawn smiled, the woman moved forward Gabriel looked closely at her, long wavy blonde hair, skinny jeans and a tight t-shirt.

“Nope” Gabriel gave up

“Allegra” she smiled, Gabriel frowned at her

“You were little” he accused, his brain was still foggy.

“I was, I can make you see me anyway I want you to, you should see me for real” Gabriel shook his head to clear it.

“Now I’m confused” he said he hitched himself up on his elbows and looked at her properly

“Not now, Allegra” Dawn said, she bowed to him and left.

“Where am I?” Gabriel asked he looked at the clinical whiteness of the room they were in.

“Well, we made use of the empty basement,” Dawn said, “The daemons built walls to make it seem smaller and whitewashed it all yesterday”

“How long have I been down here?” Gabriel growled, Dawn looked up at the ceiling before answering.

“Two days” he said


“Don’t you remember anything?” Dawn asked.

“Would I really be asking if I already knew?” Gabriel's voice was getting louder.

“Calm down, you had a power burnout”


“You used up your magick” Dawn smiled “that’s all, it can’t often kill but it makes for a hangover from hell”

“Dawn I don’t have magick” Gabriel said his voice was quiet now and Dawn knew to say the right thing or risk losing some vital extremities.

“Gabriel by the looks of it you do now” he said slowly, Gabriel sat up properly, and then glared at Dawn

“Where’s my shirt?” he said his voice had a dangerous tone to it now

“It was covered in blood” Dawn said, “I got another one from your wardrobe” he pulled a plain long-sleeved black shirt from the back of the chair he was sitting on. Gabriel took it from him slowly knowing that if he snatched it, it would rip.

“Gabriel, before you do that.” Dawn said Gabriel swung his legs out of bed, his back facing the daemon. He was glad that he still had trousers on, even though they were spotted with blood.

“What?” the vampyre growled,

“How did you get these?” Dawn touched one of the deep scars on Gabriel's back near his wing joint. He felt every muscle in Gabriel's back tense up and the vampyre moved away form him as if he’d been stung, pulling the shirt on in one swift movement. He didn’t say a word, Dawn moved around the bed. He gripped Gabriel's shoulders in his large hands and the vampyre had to look up to see his face. Dawn looked more serious than he had during the fight with Wesley.

“Gabriel, please?” he saw Gabriel's brow crease and the vampyre pushed him away

“Dawn, you ask about them again and I will remove your ability to procreate. Okay?” Dawn nodded slowly and Gabriel left the basement, his legs felt weak from being in bed so long and his head was banging. Maybe he shouldn’t have spoken to Dawn like that but at that point he just didn’t care.

The End

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