Power DevelopmentsMature

Wesley hauled his massive weight up he was already breathing hard. He looked up at Gabriel, who stood still and waited. Wesley charged towards him, his hands outstretched Gabriel grabbed both of his wrists his claws sank into Wesley's skin down to the bone, Gabriel used the massive daemons own momentum to throw him on his back.

“Enough” Dawn shouted from the sidelines he stepped forward and Gabriel stopped Wesley stayed on the ground a whimper escaping every now and again.

“Sort him out” Dawn snapped at a nearby daemon, Gabriel turned away from the daemon on the ground. The daemon Dawn had shouted at was trying to clean Wesley up. Dawn walked up to him a serious expression on his face. he leant down to speak into Gabriel's ear,

“I can’t be seen to show sides,” he said, “but nicely done” he stood straight, the seriousness still present. He began to walk out of the crowd of daemons Gabriel following quickly,

“Hey” a voice shouted behind him, Gabriel turned at the same time as Dawn, this time Dawn caught the gout of flame extinguishing it with his own magick. He opened his mouth to speak, but Gabriel shook his head and Dawn closed it again.

“What’s the matter vampyre boy can’t use magick?” Wesley snarled, Gabriel smiled and Wesley laughed as he appeared to do nothing, the crowds backed up as electricity cracked and popped around Gabriel, Wesley's smile dropped as lightning attached to his body lifting him a tiny way off the floor. Just as the daemon began to scream the lightning died away Gabriel jerked forward but stayed on his feet.

He felt someone grip his arm and he was steered out of the crowd, half of whom were cheering the other half were walking away whispering to their neighbours and shaking their heads.


Dawn got Gabriel back to the house quickly.

“Gabriel where did that come from? I didn’t know you could do that” Dawn said excitedly, he looked around at the vampyre and caught him just as his eyes rolled up in his head and he passed out.  

The End

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