Gabriel walked towards the house thinking about the conversation he’d just had.

“Well, the legend is amongst us” a nasty voice said behind him, he stopped and turned looking at the daemon who had spoken.

“What?” he said the daemon was bigger than Balthazar but smaller than Sydney, the look of smug superiority on his face made Gabriel want to smack him

“It’s deaf too” the daemon sneered,

“I haven’t got time for this” Gabriel said annoyed, he turned and began to walk again, a hand shoved him from behind and he spun around.

“What?” he shouted, the daemon smiled,

“You’re not good enough” he said

“For what?”

“to take dawns place” the daemon spoke slowly as if Gabriel was stupid, “that’s my position” Gabriel turned and tried to walk again but the large daemon spun him back around by his shoulder. A crowd was gathering, anticipating a fight.

Gabriel didn’t like being pulled around and almost laughed at the shock on the daemons face as his fist connected sharply with the his chin, his large head snapped back. The crowd cheered but Gabriel just began to walk again, dawn pushed through the crowd meeting him halfway.

“What’s going on?” dawn shouted at the crowd, the daemons near him shrank back slightly. “Gabriel?” he looked at the vampyre, but Gabriel didn’t speak, instead he gripped dawns collar and pulled him down as a great gout of fire roared over their heads, Gabriel turned straightening up to look at the daemons smug face, dawn straightened himself up too.

“Wesley” dawn roared, the daemon Wesley turned slightly pale as he spotted who he’d fired at, Gabriel looked back at dawn.

“Don’t” he said, he walked back into the circle the crowd had made, he was furious. Wesley had attacked from behind and fired into the crowd. Wesley smiled at him.

“My lord” he shouted to dawn, “this little thing threatened me, then attacked me with no provocation” dawn laughed

“Bullshit,” dawn called back “he’s not like that.” Dawn signalled for the crowd to move back, he hadn’t seen Gabriel fight recently but the state that Balthazar had been in when the healers had got to him, he was planning on sending Wesley back to the underworld in a matchbox.

Gabriel stopped a few feet from Wesley, and stood still. Wesley moved his massive form slowly around him. Gabriel still made no move, the daemon laughed and swung a punch towards Gabriel's back, the vampyre moved at the last second gripping Wesley's fist and pulling, sending the daemon flying past him and onto the ground in front. Gabriel waited for Wesley to stand again.

The End

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