A few moments later they had run into Amarantine again after leaving Sydney whitewashing the walls of the pub.

“Dawn” Gabriel said “I’m going to head back to the house”

“Alright did you want me to walk back with you?” Gabriel shook his head

“I’ll be alright” Dawn smiled at him.


Walking though the houses felt strange to Gabriel he couldn’t see much of the midway now the houses blocked the view. He double took at a house near him, it was tiny the roof only reached his waist. He knelt down near it to look properly and saw a small figure in the already growing garden, she was kneeling doing something in the flower bed.

“Hi” he said quietly, the tiny woman looked up at him,

“Hello” she smiled Gabriel heard her voice in his head, she stood up brushing soil from her hands, “who are you?” she asked.

“I’m Gabriel” he said frowning,

“My names Allegra, are you okay?” he didn’t like telepaths that much, they could get into his head, but he nodded.

“Nice garden” he said genuinely

“Thank you, its so much easier here” she straightened her robe out, “things don’t grow too well in the underworld” she fluttered up on small butterfly wings, and sat on his shoulder,

“So you’re the one who everyone’s talking about?” she said,

“I am?” he held his hand to his shoulder and she laughed climbing onto his palm, he could see her properly now, the small piece of un-dyed cotton material that was wrapped around her was held on by a bramble thorn at her shoulder and another at her waist.

“You are Gabriel Black- Lightning?” he nodded “you’re the reason half of the daemons are here” he frowned again

“Really? Why?”

“Because the daemons wanted to see if the rumours were true”

“What rumours?” Gabriel was feeling very stupid now.

“That you’re Dawn’s heir” she started plaiting the thin piece of hair that had escaped from Gabriel's braid and now hung down his face.

“That’s ridiculous” Gabriel said harshly.

“It’s a rumour,” Allegra smiled. “If that one got you annoyed you don’t want to hear the other one”

“What other one?” he asked

“Well it’s only started recently but with the way Dawn's been behaving, its rumoured that you two are lovers” Gabriel growled

“That’s even more ridiculous”             

“Don’t shoot the messenger, sweetie” Allegra said lightly


“So you and Dawn are just friends then?” she said

“As far as I know”

“Well I’d better get on” Allegra smiled at him, he nodded

“And I’d better get back” he put the back of his hand flat on the ground and she jumped off gracefully.

“It was nice to meet you Gabriel” she waved her tiny hand at him

“You too” he smiled and carried on toward the house.

The End

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