“I’m going to go round and make sure there’s no fighting” Dawn said Gabriel nodded

“I’ll come too” he said

“But you don’t like crowds” Dawn said a little confused

“I know but I’d better get used to them soon hadn’t I?”

“I suppose” Dawn smiled “by the way” Dawn paused a moment,

“Hm?” Gabriel was trying to concentrate on his breathing, keeping himself calm.

“About Raoul…” Gabriel's growl cut him off.

“”don’t” he snapped

“Sorry” Dawn squeezed Gabriel's shoulder. they came round the front of the house. Gabriel stopped and Dawn looked at him,

“You’re alright” he said “nothings going to happen” Gabriel nodded and took a deep breath walking forward.


After around fifteen minutes they reached the larger building in the centre of the small town,

“What’s that?” Gabriel asked,

“Its going to be your local public house” Dawn smiled

“A pub” Gabriel frowned

“It’s the best way of keeping supplies available” Dawn smiled

“Like?” Gabriel watched a huge daemon bigger than Balthazar who was manoeuvring iron girders, on his own.

“Like, cigarettes, food it’s also going to have a cold store for blood supplies”

“And alcohol” Gabriel stated

“Yes” Dawn smiled, Gabriel wasn’t keen on the idea of drunken daemons or even vampyres but the pub was a good idea.

“Alright” he said. The massive daemon in front of him lost his footing slightly, he didn’t notice as the iron girder slipped Gabriel moved quickly and grabbed the end that was lifting up pulling it down, before it swung up ad hit the giant in the face, the giant grinned widely and grabbed the other end moving it back into place.

“Thanks” the giant boomed Dawn came over,

“Sydney this is Gabriel, Gabriel, Sydney your local landlord” the massive daemon held out a huge hand and Gabriel took it, his own hand wasn’t even big enough to wrap around the daemons but Sydney didn’t seem to care about the sharp claws against his calloused palm.

“its good to finally meet you”

“thanks” Gabriel said unsure of what else to say. Sydney smiled then turned to Dawn

“my lord” he said respectfully to  him.             

The End

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