Amarantine watched as the daemons scurried about, building the small foundations for the new town. The plots were marked off then as one house was finished the next was started they were all set out in little streets. A larger building was being constructed in the centre of it all.


Dawn walked to next to Gabriel putting himself between the vampyre and the bustling daemons.

“Hey” Dawn called in greeting to Amarantine, who turned to look at them. He had colour back in his cheeks and he looked much better then he had, according to Gabriel who studied him silently.


“Hello” Amarantine smiled, he looked down at Gabriel and frowned, “are you well, Gabriel?” he asked Gabriel nodded, his breathing was a little to fast and he was starting to hear his own heartbeat.

“He doesn’t like the crowds” Dawn said patting Gabriel's shoulder, Gabriel shot him a filthy look.

“I see” Amarantine said, “then follow me” he led the way to the back of Gabriel's house, “are you claustrophobic, Gabriel?” Amarantine asked on the way,

“Not really,” Gabriel sad “I don’t mind what people do behind closed doors” beside him Dawn choked and Amarantine actually laughed.

“No” Dawn managed “he means you don’t like closed in spaces”

“Oh” Gabriel said “no I don’t” he was beginning to calm down now he was away from the daemons out the front.

“Dawn sat down on the grass and pulled his cigarette packet out,

“Dawn,” Amarantine said, as Dawn lit one “I think it’s about time you gave those up, you know”

“Why?” Dawn laughed “they’re not likely to kill me are they?” he passed one to Gabriel who lit it after two attempts, Dawn grinned at him. “Don’t worry about it Gabriel, everyone’s got a phobia somewhere along the line”

“Really?” he asked Dawn nodded

“I don’t think the thing that you’re scared of populates the midway Dawn” Amarantine smiled.

“And how do you know what I’m afraid of, Am?” Amarantine winked at Gabriel,

“if my memory serves me correctly Dawn the first time you came to my house after I moved to earth, you had your first encounter with a common house spider”

“I am not afraid of spiders” Dawn said indignantly, Amarantine looked down at him then at Gabriel.

“I think the phrase, screamed like a girl works well” Gabriel sniggered and Dawn flushed a very light pink,

“I exhibited my fears in a dignified and manly way” he said

“Yes you did” Amarantine said, his face perfectly serious now. “By screaming at them” Gabriel put a hand over his mouth in an attempt to keep the laughter in. he’d seen spiders in the science rooms in paradise, they’d been bought up from earth to be studied and hopefully introduced to the wildlife already there. He didn’t feel so stupid about his fear now.


“By the way Gabriel I hear there is a little plaster work to be repaired in your room” it was Gabriel's turn to flush, the pink tinge ran across both cheekbones and the bridge of his nose

“Well, I needn’t have worried” Dawn said standing up again, "you’ve got enough blood in your system to go pink” Gabriel glared at him,

“Don’t worry about it” Amarantine said “it was inevitable that something would get damaged whilst you were getting used to your new…” he searched for the word “Assets” he finished, “I’ll send one of the daemons up once they have finished out the front”

“Alright” Gabriel said all traces of the flush gone again.

“Well I had better get back to them, they have most likely been on a break since we came round here” Amarantine smiled and walked back to the front of the house.     

The End

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