Gabriel's first personal demonMature

Dawn looked up as he heard the beating of wings, Gabriel flew over the work that was being done and landed in front of the house. He opened the door and walked in not saying anything to the small group in the lounge he walked upstairs.

Trying to work out why he had taken off the smell had scared him and he didn’t know why, it never had before. He frowned and shrugged shutting his bedroom door.


An hour later he was laying on his bed the curtains around it pulled shut, the darkness was comforting and he was starting to relax. A knock on his door undid all his work of trying to calm down.

“What?” he shouted.

Dawn grimaced as he heard the angry shout from inside Gabriel's room, he pushed the door open.

“Gabriel” he said quietly, he paused he was about to ask if the vampyre was okay but Sylver's words popped into his head and he stopped.

“What do you want Dawn?” Gabriel's voice sounded muffled behind the thick curtains,

“The daemons are arriving” he said, “and Amarantine wants to speak to you” he heard Gabriel growl softly and saw the curtains move then saw Gabriel stand up not opening the curtains, Dawn noticed that he was paler then normal.

“Have you been to earth since we went?” Gabriel shook his head “do you need to?”

“I’m fine” Gabriel walked out of his room, leaving Dawn behind the daemon hurried to catch up with him.

“Amarantine is overseeing the building work” Dawn said trying not to look at Gabriel, “So we don’t actually have to do anything”

“Okay” Gabriel gave his customary answer. he turned and pulled the front door open. He stopped there were daemons everywhere,

“ What’s wrong?” Dawn asked, Gabriel looked a little worse than before

“I don’t like big crowds” he said the tone of his voice made Dawn believe him.

“don’t worry their only here for tonight, and the houses are being set a good two hundred yards away.” Gabriel nodded, Dawn spotted Amarantine near the house. “come on, don’t worry about that lot they’re to busy to worry about much else but their jobs” 

The End

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