Things Begin to Happen in the MidwayMature

Gabriel reached a ledge on the cliff face. he sat down pulling his cigarettes from his pocket. Looking out he could see the house in the distance, the wasteland behind that. He sighed, he had no intention of looking for Raoul but he still wanted to know why he had run away.

‘Coward’ he thought angrily, he wondered for a moment where Raoul had gone. Flicking his lighter it lit first time and he smiled slightly.


Dawn was over looking the daemons, most of whom had built the house for Gabriel and his brothers. They weren’t the ones moving up here, most of them were too unpredictable and he didn’t fancy any of his daemons getting Gabriel in the wrong mood. He sighed, he could feel it, something was going to go wrong. But he couldn’t change it now.


He watched the daemons moving the huge sacks of cement, and piling thousands of bricks, breezeblocks sat nearby having been moved in already. He looked at his watch, two hours until they started arriving.

He looked up almost wishing he would see Gabriel walking towards him, his wish didn’t come true and again he sighed.


Gabriel watched as torches were lit in the distance and reluctantly stood up. There were too many lights in the distance to just be his brothers milling about. A small stone hit him on the back of the head and the looked round, a blank ridge of rock was all that was there, he looked up, but couldn’t see anything. he turned back and spread his wings to take off when an unexpected hint of panic flashed through him, above the slight smell of cigarette smoke that clung to him, he could smell the very faint but very distinct smell of rotting meat coming from somewhere above him.


The End

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