A Little More Than You Knew BeforeMature

Gabriel walked, he didn’t care about the tree branches that pulled at his hair and his clothes. He felt cold, he’d never dealt with the emotion that he felt before so he shut himself down. The only emotion he vaguely thought of was the fact he’d lost his temper and not even at someone, at an inanimate wall, he hasn’t thought about the damage he would do. The last outburst at solid object he’d ended up splitting his knuckles and regretted it for around a week afterwards, his hands didn't even sting this time.

He didn’t notice the trees thinning out until he came face to face with a sheer cliff stretching up in front of him, he looked up his brain switching back on, then began to climb.


Dawn asked everyone, even the new vampyres if they’d seen Gabriel, all of them said no.

“Dawn, he’s sulking” Sylver said “leave him alone”

“But what if something’s happened?” Sylver sighed

“Dawn what is the deal with you?”


“You’re the lord of the underworld. You’re supposed to be the biggest nastiest daemon there is and you follow Gabriel, all softly softly” dawn shrugged

“I have no urge to tell you and make a prat of myself” dawn said lighting a cigarette,

“one little problem that I can see” Sylver said coldly, sounding disturbingly like Gabriel, dawn paid attention, “the daemons are arriving within a matter of hours now, I’ve studied the daemon histories. Yes they were one sided, having been written by angels but basically correct. Your system works on dead mans boots, you die the one who kills you takes over, yes?” dawn nodded. “So what are you dear daemons going to think if they see you fawning over a vampyre?”

“I’m not fawning over anyone” dawn growled at him, Sylver sat down in one of the armchairs.

“bullshit, you treat Gabriel like something delicate that needs protecting and I’m telling you now if you don’t stop it’ll be Gabriel digging your grave and sitting on your throne” Sylver said all of this calmly, but still dawn didn’t know what to say, until his mind vaguely kicked in and he flicked the inch of ash from the end of his cigarette. He looked long and hard at Sylver who stared back unfaltering. His green eyes were almost as intense as Gabriel's.

“What made Gabriel like he is?” Dawn asked Sylver smiled, "he never used to be like this."

“That’s his story not mine, even I don’t know everything about him. but prepare yourself for disappointment and stop being so nice he probably thinks your up to something” Sylver stood, and began to walk away when dawn spoke again.

“Sylver, you’re more alike than I thought” Sylver turned back to him.

“Dawn, I will never be like him, we may look the same but Gabriel has more demons than you will ever know about.” He paused , smiled and added, “sorry about the pun, no offence” dawn smiled back

“none taken”           

The End

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